Fast Attack Craft War Badge

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Fast Attack Craft War Badge
E-boat War Badge.jpg
Awarded by Nazi Germany
Type Badge
Eligibility Military personnel
Campaign World War II
Established 30 May 1941

The S-Boat War Badge (German language: Das Schnellbootkriegsabzeichen) is a German military decoration awarded to Kriegsmarine members for service on fast attack craft or torpedo boats worn on the lower part of the left breast pocket of the naval service tunic, underneath the 1st class Iron Cross if awarded, or equivalent grade award. Requirements included an outstandingly successful sortie, wounds in action, 12 sorties against enemy vessels or installations, or outstanding leadership. The Badge was made in two versions. The first was instituted on May 30, 1941, the second in January 1943. Both were designed by Wilhelm Ernst Peekhaus of Berlin. A third exclusive version with nine diamonds replacing the solid bars of the swastika at the top, also exists, but only eight are known to have been awarded. The criteria for this award were 1. To engage in 12 engagements against the enemy. 2. For a particularly successful mission or being killed in action. 3. Special circumstances of being wounded or surviving being sunk by the enemy. 4. To have performed a heroic action in which no other award was given. [1]

Recipients of Fast Attack Craft war Badge with Diamonds


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