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FBW Dreiachskipper Type 80-N
FBW Dreiachskipper Typ 80-N.JPG
FBW Dreiachskipper Typ 80-N at Military Museum Full
Type Military dump truck
Place of origin   Switzerland
Service history
In service 1976 - 1990
Used by Switzerland
Production history
Manufacturer Franz Brozincevic Wetzikon
Produced 1976
Number built 1
Variants dumptruck
Weight empty:13,700 kg (30,200 lb), max.25,000 kg (55,000 lb)
Crew 1 driver + 2 passengers

Engine FBW E6A 6 cylinder series, diesel Displacement 11,946 cc
235 kW
Suspension 4x6 wheeled
Speed 81 km/h (50 mph)

The FBW Dreiachskipper Type 80-N is a military vehicle of the Swiss vehicle manufacturer Franz Brozincevic & Cie. It was one of the last trucks built by Franz Brozincevic Wetzikon. In 1976, a single truck was made and from 1976 to 1990 the Swiss Army used it with the M number M81287. It never entered mass production, because the Army bought 330 of the dump trucks D from Adolph Saurer. The only vehicle is today in the Military Museum Full. The FBW Type 80 was one of the last designed Trucks from FBW.[1]


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