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FAMAE (Fábricas y Maestranzas del Ejército) is a Chilean state-owned firearms manufacturer. Its products are used by the Chilean armed forces and the Carabineros police force. The company produces among others the FAMAE CT-30 carbine, FAMAE SAF submachine gun, FAMAE FD-200 sniper rifle, Rayo rocket launcher and FAMAE revolver.


Since 1811, FAMAE has contributed to industrial development in Chile, characterized by the guarantee of their products.

As the oldest defense company in Latin America, has established a leadership in the field of infantry weapons and ammunition.

FAMAE in recent decades has experienced sustained growth in different areas, both a military and police. At present, given the operational requirements become more demanding and specialized FAMAE designed and manufactured a wide range of weapon systems for defense. Among its projects are the SIG SG 510-4 rifles, SIG SG 542, sub-machine gun FAMAE SAF, Rocket Ray, among others. Responsible for modifying and maintaining the tanks, aircraft and other military devices that reach the Chilean Army.

This has been achieved with a concentration of engineers and technicians in the areas of arms, ammunition, vehicles, rockets and missiles, technology transfer ventures Joints obtained by acquiring licenses and manufacturing with world renowned companies above products.

FAMAE specializes in research projects and Weapon System Modernization, delivering total solutions to provide families of vehicles and weapons that make up organizational units.

FAMAE projects

The 1975 FAMAE Corvo light 4x4 never went beyond the prototype stage

  • Projects to supply weapons for tanks and armored units.
  • Draft carts and arms supplies for Mechanized Infantry battalions.
  • Projects for modernization of shells Light Artillery units.
  • Projects provision of integration and modernization of weapons systems, tanks, weaponry and auxiliary trolleys larger units that make up the infantry, armor, artillery and engineering.

Within the development of defense engineering projects, highlights the SETAC Simulation System "Training System for Tactical Commanders, which consists of a computerized war game double action that is in use in major Latin American armies.

In parallel, FAMA has continued to work on the industrialization of the country through their designs and fabrications.

The company carries out a systematic training programs that seek to optimize their quality standards, as a process of continuous improvement in line with international standards.

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