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Expert Action Badge
Awarded by United States Army
Type Badge
Eligibility Soldiers in the United States Army, other than those in Infantry, Special Forces, or Combat Medic occupations.
Status Proposed
Related The Army Expert Infantry Badge and Expert Field Medical Badge

The Expert Action Badge, or EAB, is a proposed special skills badge of the United States Army. Similar in name and appearance to the Combat Action Badge, the EAB would be awarded to soldiers who are neither infantry, nor combat medics.[1] If the badge is approved, it could enter service by October 2019, as a way for soldiers in other MOSs to certify competencies within their specific occupation, as well as general combat readiness.[2][3]


The concept of the Expert Action Badge was initially proposed in 2015 as part of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command's Non-Commissioned Officer 2020 Strategy, as one way to improve combat readiness in the Army.[4] The EAB was first openly discussed on March 30, 2017, at an NCO Development Town Hall hosted by Command Sgt. Maj. David Davenport.[5] Discussion mainly focused on the intent of the badge, as well as the possible criteria for award. The feasibility of the EAB was tested at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in April of the same year, with 53 soldiers taking part in the event. The results of the test at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, as well as future testing, will be used to determine if the criteria for the badge appropriately conveys the badge's intent.[6]


The current proposed criteria for award of the EAB is that a soldier must perform in 30 "warrior tasks" and battle drills, and five mental tasks, chosen by a commander, from their unit's list of mission-essential tasks,[7] in addition to completion of a 12-mile foot march, a land navigation test and the Army Physical Fitness Test.[5][6] Testing will be conducted at the brigade-level, with units being given a week to set up the test course, a few days of training, and then a few days of testing.[8]

Combat Action Badge


The current proposed design for the EAB is similar to that of the Combat Action Badge (CAB). It would feature the same M9 bayonet and M67 fragmentation grenade, superimposed on a rectangular base, as found on the CAB. The EAB will not, however, feature a wreath.[6]

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