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Ewa Paradies (17 December 1920 – 4 July 1946) was a Nazi concentration camp overseer.

The execution of guards of the Stutthof concentration camp on 4 July 1946

In August 1944 she went to Stutthof SK-III camp for training as an Aufseherin. She soon finished training and became a wardress. In October 1944 she was reassigned to the Bromberg-Ost subcamp of Stutthof, and in January 1945, back to Stutthof main camp.[citation needed]

In April 1945 she accompanied one of the last transports of women prisoners to the Lauenburg subcamp and fled.[citation needed] After capture, she was sentenced to death in the Stutthof Trial and hanged on 4 July 1946 with several of her colleagues.[citation needed]




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