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Eugeniusz_Świerczewski (September 18, 1894 - June 20, 1944) was a Polish journalist, drama critic and an agent of the Gestapo in the Polish Home Army. His code name was Gens.

Military service[]

During the Polish-Soviet War, he served as an officer and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. In 1923 he was made an officer of the reserve Infantry Regiment 15 "Wolves" in Dęblin.[1] He was a second lieutenant with the starszeństwem of 1 July 1921, and 3. the deposits in the body of the reserve officers of authorizing officers.[2]


After the war, he lived in Warsaw, where he was a journalist and theater critic. He belonged to the society of Promoting Culture. In 1934, he remained in the records of the District Command Additions London City III. During the occupation, he worked in an interview with the ZWZ-AK under the pseudonym "Gens". His wife was a sister of Louis Kalksteina. After her arrest, he was goaded by the brother (in exchange for the assurance of an earlier release of the wife) took a job as an agent for the Germans as number "100". He took part in the dismantling of the branch of the AK Headquarters and II and exiled and General Stefan Grotto-Roweckiego.

From the judgment of the Polish underground State for high treason he was executed under the command of Stefan Lynx "Joseph". He was hunb in the basement. Krochmalnej 74.


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