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Eugen Beyer (* 18 February 1882 in Pohrlitz (Moravia), † 25 July 1940 in Salzburg) was an Austrian Feldmarschalleutnant in the 1930s and Wehrmacht General of the Infantry during the early years of the Second World War.

From 1935 to 1938, Beyer was commander of the Bundesheer's 6th Division (stationed in Innsbruck). After the Anschluss he was incorporated into the Wehrmacht where he was given command of XVIII Corps, a post he held until shortly before his death. He was the most senior Austrian officer to transfer to the German Army.


18 August 1902 Kadett
1 November 1903 Leutnant
1 November 1909 Oberleutnant
1 May 1913 Hauptmann
1 November 1917 Major
8 July 1921 Oberstleutnant
1 June 1924 Title
24 February 1926 Oberst (Rank)
30 September 1931 Generalmajor
22 December 1936 Feldmarschalleutnant
1 April 1938 General der Infanterie

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