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The Indonesian Navy (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Laut, TNI–AL) was founded on 10 September 1945. the Indonesian Navy had about 75,000 active personnel and more than 236 vessels in active service. The equipment of the Indonesian Navy can be subdivided into: vessels, aircraft, munitions, small arms, vehicles, and attire. These also includes the equipment of the Marine Corps, KOPASKA and Denjaka special forces.


All commissioned ships of the TNI-AL have the prefix KRI, standing for Kapal Republik Indonesia (Republic of Indonesia Ship). Smaller boats which have a length less than 36m and made from fiberglass have the prefix KAL, standing for Kapal Angkatan Laut (Navy ships).

Image Class Origin Type Quantity Ships Notes
Submarine KRI Nagapasa, Indonesian Navy.jpg Nagapasa class  South Korea
Submarine 3+(3 in construction) KRI Nagapasa (403)
KRI Ardadedali (404)
KRI Alugoro (405)

Improved Chang Bogo-class submarine/DSME 1400. 2 units built by South Korea and 1 unit would assembled domestically under license by PT PAL Indonesia. In 2019, Indonesia order 3 more units.[1]

The fourth submarine will be built jointly with Transfer of Technology, and the fifth and sixth will be built independently in Indonesia.


Kri cakra 401.jpg Cakra class  Germany Submarine 2 KRI Cakra (401)
KRI Nanggala (402)
Refitted in 2006, and 2012 by DSME. All upgraded, by DSME South Korea.[4] KRI Cakra (401) currently undergo overhaul by PT PAL in Surabaya.[5]


Indonesian frigate KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata (331) underway in the South China Sea on 21 May 2018 (180521-N-IX266-001).JPG Martadinata class  Netherlands
Frigate 2 KRI Raden Edi Martadinata (331)

KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai (332)

2 ships have been built by PT PAL Indonesia and Damen Schelde[6]

Also known as Perusak Kawal Rudal/Guided-Missile Destroyer Escort/Guided-Missile Frigate.

Indonesia Frigate KRI Karel Satsuit Tubun.jpg Ahmad Yani class  Netherlands Frigate 5 KRI Ahmad Yani (351)
KRI Yos Sudarso (353)
KRI Oswald Siahaan (354)
KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma (355)
KRI Karel Satsuit Tubun (356)

All will be replaced gradually by Martadinata-class frigates and/or Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates.
Ex-Royal Netherlands Navy Van Speijk-class frigates.
* KRI Slamet Riyadi (352) retired on 16 August 2019.

150px Diponegoro class  Netherlands Corvette 4 KRI Diponegoro[9] (365)
KRI Sultan Hasanuddin[10] (366)
KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda[11] (367)
KRI Frans Kaisiepo[12] (368)

Based on Sigma-class corvette. Armament:

Indonesian corvette KRI John Lie (358) at sea in August 2015.JPG Bung Tomo class  United Kingdom Corvette 3 KRI Bung Tomo (357)
KRI John Lie (358)
KRI Usman Harun (359)

ex-Royal Brunei Navy Nakhoda Ragam-class

KRI 361 Fatahillah.jpg Fatahillah class  Netherlands Corvette 3 KRI Fatahillah (361)
KRI Malahayati (362)
KRI Nala (363)

Fatahillah was upgraded in 2013, Malahayati was upgraded in 2016.


Kapitan Pattimura class  Germany ASW corvette 14 KRI Kapitan Pattimura (371)
KRI Untung Suropati (372)
KRI Nuku (373)
KRI Lambung Mangkurat (374)
KRI Cut Nyak Dien (375)
KRI Sultan Thaha Syaifudin (376)
KRI Sutanto (377)
KRI Sutedi Senoputra (378)
KRI Wiratno (379)
KRI Tjiptadi (381)
KRI Hasan Basri (382)
KRI Imam Bonjol (383)
KRI Teuku Umar (385)
KRI Silas Papare (386)

ex-East German Parchim-class. Not all ships are equipped with their original ASW capabilities like sonar and torpedo launcher when bought by Indonesia.[14][15]

  • In 2008, KRI Memet Sastrawiria (380) caught on fire and because of heavy damage was decommissioned[16]
  • In June 2016, KRI Pati Unus (384) was partially sunk in the Strait of Malacca[17]


  • 1 × twin 57 mm gun AK-725
  • 1 × twin 30 mm gun AK-230 or
    1 × Type 730 CIWS[18] [on one ship (376)]
  • 2 × 20 mm gun Vektor G12
  • 2 × RBU-6000 ASW rocket launcher
  • 2 × triple B515 torpedo launchers [on two ships (376 & 385)]
Fast attack craft
KRI Clurit 641.jpg Clurit class (KCR 40)  Indonesia Missile boat 8 KRI Clurit (641)
KRI Kujang (642)
KRI Beladau (643)
KRI Alamang (644)
KRI Parang (645)
KRI Siwar (646)
KRI Surik (647)
KRI Terapang (648)


16tombak.jpg Sampari class (KCR 60)  Indonesia Missile boat 4 KRI Kerambit (627)
KRI Sampari (628)
KRI Tombak (629)
KRI Halasan (630)



On 13 May 2019, Terma were awarded contract for installment of Terma C-Flex Combat Management System, Terma SCANTER 4603 X-Band Radar, C-Guard Decoy Launchers, C-Fire Electro Optical Fire Control System on KCR-60, adding possibility for future batch of KCR-60 to install/Wield NATO weaponry.[21]

Kribadik.jpg PSMM MKV multi-purpose patrol boat (FPB 53)  South Korea Missile boat 3 KRI Mandau
KRI Badik
KRI Keris
Originally this class equipped with Exocet MM38. KRI Rencong (622) lost in fire on 11 September 2018.
Kri padrong.jpg FPB-57  Germany
Missile boat 10 KRI Pandrong
KRI Sura
KRI Todak
KRI Layang
KRI Lemadang
KRI Ajak
KRI Andau
KRI Singa
KRI Tongkak
Some ships equipped with C-802 Anti Ship missile.
Kri-barakuda-26-7-11.gif Albatros-class fast attack craft  Germany Gun boat 4 KRI Kakap
KRI Kerapu
KRI Tongkol
KRI Barakuda
Patrol boat
Pariclass Pari class (PC 40)  Indonesia Patrol boat 8 KRI Pari (849)
KRI Sembilang (850)
KRI Sidat (851)
KRI Cakalang (852)
KRI Tatihu (853)
KRI Layaran (854)
KRI Madidihang (855)
KRI Krait (827)
40m patrol boat.[22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29]
Torani class (PC 40)  Indonesia Patrol boat 6 KRI Torani (860)
KRI Lepu (861)
KRI Kurau (856)
KRI Albakora (867)
KRI Bubara (868)
KRI Gulamah (869)
40m patrol boat.[30][31]
KRI Tenggiri.jpg Sibarau class  Australia Patrol boat 8 KRI Siliman
KRI Sigalu
KRI Silea
KRI Siribua
KRI Sikuda
KRI Sigurot
KRI Tenggiri
KRI Siada
32m patrol boat transferred from Australia.

KRI Sibarau sank in December 2017.[32]

016badau.jpg Badau class  Singapore Patrol boat 2 KRI Badau (841)
KRI Selawaku (842)
37m patrol boat donated by Brunei.
KRI Cucut (866) Cropped.jpg Cucut class  Singapore Patrol boat 1 KRI Cucut (866) 35m patrol boat donated by Singapore.
Small craft (KAL)
Kriviper.jpg Viper class (PC 40)  Indonesia Patrol craft 4 KAL Viper (820)
KAL Piton (821)
KAL Weling (822)
KAL Tedung Selar (824)
40m fiberglass patrol craft.
KAL Boiga (825) and KAL Matacora (823) was decommissioned.[33]
Tarihukri.jpg Tarihu class  Indonesia Patrol craft 4 KAL Tarihu (829)
KAL Akura (830)
KAL Birang (831)
KAL Mulga (832)
40m fiberglass patrol craft.[34]
Kriwelang.jpg Boa class  Indonesia Patrol craft 9 KAL Boa (807)
KAL Welang (808)
KAL Suluh Pari (809)
KAL Katon (810)
KAL Sanca (815)
KAL Warakas (816)
KAL Panana (817)
KAL Kalakae (818)
KAL Tedong Naga (819)
36m fiberglass patrol craft.[35]
0 akricobra.jpg Kobra class  Indonesia Patrol craft 4 KAL Kobra (867)
KAL Anakonda (868)
KAL Patola (869)
KAL Kalagian (871)
36m fiberglass patrol craft.
KAL Taliwangsa (870) was decommissioned.
KAL Bawean (Cropped) Bawean class  Indonesia Patrol craft 1 KAL Bawean 32m patrol craft.
Kudungga class  Indonesia Patrol craft 1 KAL Kudungga 38m patrol craft.
KAL Kumai I-6-58.jpg Bireun class[36]  Indonesia Patrol craft 6 KAL Bireun
KAL Kumai
KAL Mapor
KAL Nipa
KAL Anyer
KAL Rajegwesi
28m patrol craft.
KAL Pulau Mego (II-2-15) Karakelang class (PC 28)[36]  Indonesia Patrol craft 25 KAL Pulau Siantan
KAL Pulau Karakelang
KAL Pulau Nustual
KAL Pulau Ambalat
KAL Pulau Sangihe
KAL Pulau Trangan
KAL Pulau Mego
KAL Pulau Siba
KAL Belongas
KAL Marapas
KAL Lemukutan
KAL Tanjung Pinang
KAL Bunyu
KAL Kelambau
KAL Wayag
KAL Tidore
KAL Pulau Menjangan
KAL Pulau Bungaran
KAL Pulau Labengki
KAL Sinabang
KAL Sengiap
KAL Iboih
KAL Sorake
KAL Tarise
KAL Lalos
28m patrol craft. KAL Pulau Pasoso was destroyed in Palu Tsunami 2018.[37]
KAL Pohawang.jpg PC-28m class  Indonesia Patrol boat 22 KAL Mansalar
KAL Pohawang
KAL Ratu Samban
KAL Tanjung Pandangan
KAL Kembang
KAL Sambas
KAL Enggano
KAL Simeulue
KAL Sepinggan
KAL Balongan
KAL Jemur
KAL Panda
KAL Sinyaru
KAL Serayu
KAL Belinyu
KAL Samalona
KAL Bokor
KAL Pulau Bengkoang
KAL Tahuna
KAL Baruk
KAL Maribaya
KAL Telaga Tujuh
28m fiberglass patrol craft.
Patkamla Bali (I-5-36) KMC Komando  Indonesia Fast assault craft 20 18m fast assault craft.
Mine countermeasures vessel
KRI Kelabang.jpg Kondor II class  Germany Minesweepers 8
KRI Pulau Raas
KRI Pulau Romang
KRI Pulau Rimau
KRI Kelabang
KRI Pulau Rusa
KRI Pulau Rangsang
KRI Kala Hitam
KRI Pulau Rempang

*KRI Pulau Rote (721) was retired on 28 August 2019.


  • 3 × 25 mm FlaK 2M-3
  • up to 24 mines or 24 depth charges
KRI Pulau Rengat 711.jpg Pulau Rengat class  Netherlands Minehunter 2 KRI Pulau Rengat
KRI Pulau Rupat
  • 1 × 1370 kW "Werkspoor RUB 215" V12 diesel
  • 2 × 180 kW ACEC active rudders
  • 1 × HOLEC bow propellor
Multi-purpose support ship/Amphibious warfare ship
Kri makassar-590.PNG Makassar class  South Korea
Amphibious transport dock 2 KRI Makassar (590)

KRI Surabaya (591)

KRI Banjarmasin and KRI Banda Aceh is the sister class and improved version of the Makassar class, while KRI Semarang based on modified Makassar class (Tarlac class) design[38]

590 & 591 was built in Busan, while the rest was built in Surabaya.

KRI Banjarmasin 592.jpg Banjarmasin class  Indonesia Amphibious transport dock 2 KRI Banjarmasin (592)

KRI Banda Aceh (593)

Sister class of the Makassar class.

KRI Banjarmasin & KRI Banda Aceh:

Features a third helicopter landing spot, shortened superstructure and different mast design.

KRI Semarang (594) docked on Tanjung Priok.jpg Semarang class  Indonesia Amphibious transport dock 1 KRI Semarang (594) Sister class of the Makassar class.

Modified Tarlac-class design to increase troop capacity with total accommodation up to 771 personnel.[39]

Launched on August 3, 2018.[40]

Currently being used as a temporary hospital ship.[41][42]

28bintuni2OK.jpg Teluk Bintuni class  Indonesia Tank Landing Ship 6+(3 in construction) KRI Teluk Kendari (518)
KRI Teluk Kupang (519)
KRI Teluk Bintuni (520)
KRI Teluk Lada (521)
KRI Teluk Youtefa (522)
KRI Teluk Palu (523)
4 in service, 2 undergoing sea trials, 3 on order[43][44][45][46][47][48][49][50]
designated to carry up to 10 MBT Leopard 2 or 14 BMP-3F, 400 Soldier Troops, and 2 units Of Helicopter
East German Nordperd (E-35).jpg Teluk Gilimanuk class  Germany Tank Landing Ship 12 KRI Teluk Gilimanuk
KRI Teluk Celukan Bawang
KRI Teluk Cendrawasih
KRI Teluk Sibolga
KRI Teluk Manado
KRI Teluk Hading
KRI Teluk Parigi
KRI Teluk Lampung
KRI Teluk Jakarta
KRI Teluk Sangkulirang
KRI Teluk Cirebon
KRI Teluk Sabang
Ex-Frosch I (531-542) & Frosch II (543-544)-class medium landing ships.

KRI Teluk Berau (534) was sunk in 2012 after used as target ship for Yakhont missile during Armada Jaya XXXI Exercise.

KRI Teluk Peleng (535) foundered in November 2013 after a collision with concrete bollard.

KRI Teluk Mandar.jpg Teluk Semangka class  South Korea Landing Ship Tank 4 KRI Teluk Mandar (514)
KRI Teluk Sampit (515)
KRI Teluk Banten (516)
KRI Teluk Ende (517)
In active service.
KRI TANJUNG NUSANIVE-973.jpg Tanjung Nusanive Class  Germany Troop Transport Ship 3 KRI Tanjung Fatagar (974)
KRI Karang Pilang (981)
KRI Karang Tekok (982)
*KRI Tanjung Nusanive (793) was retired in January 2020[51][52][53]
015BANGGA.jpg Tanjung Dalpele class  South Korea Hospital ship 1+(1 in construction) KRI Dr. Soeharso (990) [54] 1 in service and 1 in counstruction.[55]
Various class  Indonesia Landing Ship Medium 2 KRI Dore (580)
KRI Dili (583)
Hydrographic survey vessels
Indonesian Navy ship KRI Rigel in Kochi.jpg Rigel class  France Survey vessel 2 KRI Rigel (933)
KRI Spica (934)
Training ship
KRI Bima Suci.jpg KRI Bima Suci  Spain Barque 1 KRI Bima Suci Successor to KRI Dewaruci.[58] Launched 17 October 2016 by Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire, Vigo, Spain for 2017 delivery.[59]
KRI Arung Samudera Docked.jpg KRI Arung Samudera  Germany  New Zealand Schooner 1 KRI Arung Samudera
150px KRI Dewaruci  Germany Barquentine 1 KRI Dewaruci
KAL V-06 & KAL V-07  Indonesia Training ship 2 KAL V-06 & KAL V-07 Commissioned in November 2018[60]
Tanker ship
RFA Black Rover (A273), West Float, Birkenhead (geograph 4957480).jpg Rover class  United Kingdom Coastal Tanker 1 KRI Arun (903) Displacement:

16,160 tonnes 6,692 tonnes deadweight (DWT)

Khobi class  Japan Coastal Tanker 1 KRI Balikpapan (901) in active service.
Sorong class  Yugoslavia Tanker 1 KRI Sorong (911) in active service.
KRI Tarakan (905) Cropped.png Tarakan class  Indonesia Replenishment Oiler 2 KRI Tarakan (905)
KRI Bontang (907)
KRI Bontang (907) is a sister ship of KRI Tarakan (905)[49][50][61][62][63]


Aircraft Image Origin Role Versions Quantity Notes
CASA CN-235  Spain
Maritime Patrol & Tactical Transport CN-235 MPA 5[64][65] From the total of five CN-235, two aircraft was an upgrade version with the new features and equipment.[66][67][68][69][70][71]
CASA C-212 Aviocar U-612 Casa C.212 TNI ANGKATAN LAUT (8392090700).jpg  Spain
Maritime Patrol & Tactical Transport NC-212
NC-212 MPA
14[65] 3 unit is MPA version (NC-212 MPA) and installed with domestic made FLIR and Thales Ocean Master radar.[72][73][74][75]
GAF Nomad  Australia Light transport N.22/24 Nomad 19[76]
Beech Bonanza  USA Light transport/trainer G-36 Bonanza 8[77][78]
Piper PA-28 Cherokee  USA Trainer Piper Archer DX 5[79]
Socata TB  France Basic prop trainer TB-9 Tampico

TB-10 Tobago



Eurocopter AS565 Panther  France ASW & Utility Dauphin AS565 MBe 11[65] Will be used for naval anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions and to support operations from land bases and vessels.[80]
Bell 412  Canada
Utility Bell 412EP 3[81] Licensed production by Indonesian Aerospace.[74][82]
MBB BO 105 Bo 105 Indonesian navy Bo 105 helicopter during a deck landing on the USS Fort Worth (cropped).jpg  Germany Utility NBO-105 7[65] Licensed production by Indonesian Aerospace.[74][82][75][83]
Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri  France Training & Utility EC-120B Colibri 5[65] [75][84]
Lapan LSU-02  Indonesia Survelliance UAV LSU-02 Unknown Built by Lapan Indonesia
Lapan LSU-03  Indonesia Survelliance UAV LSU-03 Unknown Built by Lapan Indonesia
Boeing Insitu ScanEagle United States Survelliance UAV MQ-27B -- 14 on order


Air-to-surface missile (ASM) and surface-to-air missile (SAM)
Model Image Type Origin Version Notes
MBDA MICA MICA P6230072.JPG Surface-to-air missile  France MBDA VL
Used on Martadinata-class frigates
MBDA Mistral 54RA-IMG 9142.jpg Surface-to-air missile  France MBDA Mistral Simbad
340 Purchased. Used on Diponegoro-class corvette and Ahmad Yani-class frigate[85]
9K32 Strela-2 SA-7.jpg Surface-to-air missile  Russia SA-N-5 Strela Used on Patimura-class corvette[86]
9K38 Igla IGLA-S MANPADS at IDELF-2008.jpg surface-to-air missile  Russia Igla SA-18
9K34 Strela-3 SA-14 missile and launch tube.jpg surface-to-air missile  Russia Strela-3 SA-N-8
Anti-ship missile (AShM)
Yakhont Yakhont.jpg supersonic anti-ship missile  Russia SS-N-26 Yakhont 50 missiles.[87] Used on Ahmad Yani-class frigate[88]
Exocet Exocet AM39 P1220892-detoured.jpg Anti-ship missile  France Exocet MM-38
Exocet MM-40 Block 2
Exocet MM-40 Block 3
Used on Diponegoro-class corvette, Fatahillah-class corvette, Bung Tomo-class corvette and Martadinata-class frigate[89][90] About 120 missiles was purchased.
C-802 JF17-10-114-1748.jpg Anti-ship missile  China C-802 Used on Ahmad Yani-class frigate and Todak-class missile boat[91]
C-705 Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - Weaponry Found On-Board the "Victoria" (1).jpg Anti-ship missile  China C-705 Ordered in 2014–2018. Used on all KCR-40 and KCR 60 missile boat including assembly from kits or production in Indonesia from 2017/2018.[92][93][94][95]
Mark 46 MK46 torpedo launch.jpg ASW Torpedo United States Unknown
WASS Black Shark Heavyweight Torpedo  Italy Black Shark [3][96]
WASS A244-S ASW Torpedo  Italy A244-S Mod-3 [97]
AEG SUT Heavyweight torpedo  Germany
AEG SUT 264 Licensed production by Indonesian Aerospace.[98]

Land vehicles

Name Image Role Origin Versions Quantity Notes
PT-76 Verkhnyaya Pyshma Tank Museum 2012 0181.jpg Light tank  USSR PT-76B
70[99] All re-gunned with Cockerill 90mm with assistance from private company and received improved fire control system and engine upgrade. Not all operational. Originally est. 140 were in service.
Armoured vehicle
AMX-10P AMX-10P in the Musée des Blindés, France, pic-2.JPG Infantry fighting vehicle  France AMX-10P Marine (90mm, 20mm & 12.7mm variants) 34[100][101] As 2019 34 AMX-10 in service[102]
BTR-50 Indonesian Korps Marinir BTR-50 on Tanjung Priok.jpg Amphibious armoured personnel carrier  USSR BTR-50PK
70[100] Will be replaced by BT-3F. All upgraded with new engine, radio system and smoke grenade launchers on some vehicles.[103] Originally 180 APCs. Additional 34 BTR-50 was purchased from Ukraine in 1997–1999.
BT-3F Amphibious armoured personnel carrier  Russia (79)[100] Amphibious version based on BMP-3F. To replace BTR-50. Originally 21 on order, later procurement of up to 79.[104]
BMP-2 BVP-2 military parade Prague.jpg Infantry fighting vehicle  Slovakia BVP-2 40[105]
BMP-3 BMP-3 - ETIF-2010 (5).jpg Infantry fighting vehicle  Russia BMP-3F
54+(22)[100][101] 100 mm gun/launcher 2A70 (able to fire shells or the 9M117 Bastion ATGM), 30 mm autocannon 2A72. In 2019, Indonesia order another 22 units.
LVT7 1-6 conducts ship-to-shore assault 150413-M-PJ201-028.jpg Armoured personnel carrier United States LVTP-7A1 10[106] All donated from South Korea. Original program up to 35 vehicles. So far only 10 has been documented to have arrived.[107][108]
K-61 Pływający Transporter Gąsienicowy PTG - K-61.jpg Amphibious vehicle  USSR K-61 (PTS) 10[109] [110]
PTS Amphibious1b Zamárdi.jpg Amphibious vehicle  USSR PTS-10 6[111] [112]
BTR-4 BTR-4E in Kyiv.jpg Armoured personnel carrier  Ukraine BTR-4M BAU Parus module
BTR-4M RCWS turret
5[113][114] [115] Subsequent orders for 55 vehicles were cancelled due to unsatisfactory performance. 2 BTR-4, and 3 BTR-4K.
BTR-80 BTR-80 of TsSN Vityaz.jpg Armoured personnel carrier  Russia BTR-80A 12[116] Currently deployed by Indobatt Contingent on UNIFIL mission in Lebanon.
RM-70 RM 70 in Indonesia.jpg Multiple Rocket Launcher  Czechoslovakia
 Czech Republic
RM-70 Grad
RM-70 Vampir
17 9 RM-70 Grad acquired around 2003, 8 new RM-70 Vampir acquired in 2016[117][118]
Type 90B MLRS Type 90B Peru.jpg Multiple Rocket Launcher  China Type 90B 4[119]
LG1 Howitzer  France LG1 Mark II 20[120]
Oerlikon GDF 35 mm anti-aircraft autocannon   Switzerland
Type 90[121] Unknown

Small arms

Model Image Calibre Type Origin Version Details
P226 SIGSauerP226.JPG 9×19mm Semi-automatic pistol   Switzerland P226
Used by KOPASKA and High Ranking Officer.
Glock GLOCK 19.JPG 9×19mm Semi-automatic pistol  Austria Glock 17
Glock 19
Hi-Power High power Inglis (6971784217).jpg 9×19mm Semi-automatic pistol  Belgium
Pindad P1
Pindad P2
Standard issue sidearms.
G2 G2-COMBAT.jpg 9×19mm Semi-automatic pistol  Indonesia G2 Combat Gradually will replace all remaining Pindad P1 & P2 in service.
Mark 23 Mark23SuppressedLeft.jpg .45 ACP Semi-automatic pistol  Germany Mark 23 Used by KOPASKA.
Beretta 92 Beretta92.jpg 9×19mm Semi-Automatic Pistol  Italy unknown Used by KOPASKA.[122]
Five-seven FN5701.jpg FN 5.7×28mm Semi-automatic pistol  Belgium Five-seven Used by KOPASKA.
Cherokee 9×19mm Semi-automatic pistol  Israel Cherokee Compact Used by KOPASKA.
M3 Benelli M3 Super 90.jpg 12 gauge Combat shotgun  Italy M3T Standard issue.
SPAS-12 SPAS-12 stock folded.jpg 12 gauge Combat shotgun  Italy SPAS-12 Standard issue.
HK512 HK 512's PDRM.jpg 12 gauge Combat shotgun  Germany
HK512 Used by Denjaka.
Submachine guns
HK MP5 MP5.jpg 9×19mm Submachine guns  Germany MP5 Used by KOPASKA.
MP9 B&T MP9 SMG.JPG 9×19mm Submachine guns   Switzerland MP9 Used by KOPASKA.
Uzi Uzi of the israeli armed forces.jpg 9×19mm Submachine guns  Israel Micro Uzi Used by Taifib and KOPASKA.
K7 Daewoo K7 SMG at Defense Asia 2006 0.jpg 9×19mm Submachine guns  South Korea K7 Used by KOPASKA.
Škorpion Submachine gun vz61.jpg . 32 ACP Submachine guns  Czechoslovakia vz. 61 Limited service. Used by KOPASKA.
P90 FN-P90 2.jpg FN 5. 7×28mm Submachine guns  Belgium P90 Used by Kopaska
Assault rifle
SS1 SS1-V1.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Assault rifle  Indonesia SS1-V1
SS1-M5 Commando
Standard issue assault rifle. The SS1-M1 variants are intended for the Indonesian Marine Corps. A special coating process ensures the SS1 M series to be able to hold up sea water and not rust easily. The variant is designed to function even after being drenched in mud or sand. Available in 3 variants: SS1-M1, with a long barrel and foldable butt; SS1-M2, with a short barrel and foldable butt and SS1-M5 Commando. All remaining SS1 in service are to be replaced by the newer SS2.
SS2 SS2-V1 ID2008.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Assault rifle  Indonesia SS2-V1
Standard issued. Gradually replacing the obsolete SS1. SS2-V4 variants are used by KOPASKA and Taifib.
Galil 5.56×45mm NATO
7.62×51mm NATO
Assault rifle
Sniper rifle
 Israel Galil MAR
Galil Galatz
Used by KOPASKA.
vz. 58 Sa 58-JH01.jpg 7. 62×39mm Assault rifle  Czechoslovakia unknown
AK-47 АК-47.jpg 7. 62×39mm Assault rifle  USSR AK-47 Limited service. Currently only used for training and reserves purposes only.
AK-101 АК-101.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Assault rifle  Russia AK-101 Used by the marine corps.
Type 56 Type 56 rifle.jpg 7.62×39mm Assault rifle  China Type 56 Chinese variant of the Ak-47 assault rifle. Currently only used for training and reserves purposes only.
M16 M16A1 brimob.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Assault rifle United States M16A1
In limited service.
M4 M4A1 ACOG.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Carbine United States M4A1 Used by KOPASKA, Taifib and Denjaka.
G36 800px-G36bw.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Assault rifle  Germany G36V
Used by Denjaka.
HK416 HK416.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Assault rifle  Germany HK416 Used by Denjaka and KOPASKA.
SG 550 Stgw 90.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Assault rifle   Switzerland SG 550
SG 552
Used by KOPASKA.[123]
AUG 150px 5.56×45mm NATO Assault rifle  Austria AUG A1
Used by KOPASKA.
APS APS underwater rifle REMOV.jpg 5.66×39 mm Underwater Assault rifle  Russia APS Used by KOPASKA.
Sniper rifles
M93 Sniper Zastava M93.jpg .50 BMG Anti-material rifle  Serbia M93 Used by KOPASKA.
M24 M24 Rifle (7414626896).jpg 7.62×51mm NATO Bolt-action rifle United States M24A2
Used by KOPASKA.
HK417 Heckler&Koch HK MR308 linke Seite.jpg 7. 62×51mm Battle rifle  Germany HK417 Used by Denjaka.
NTW-2 NTW-20 rifle.jpg 20×82mm Anti-materiel rifle  South Africa NTW-20 Used by Taifib.
SPR 150px .50 BMG
7.62×51mm NATO
Anti-materiel rifle
Sniper rifle
 Indonesia SPR-1
Standard issued.
SSG 69 Steyr SSG 69.jpg 7. 62×51mm Sniper rifle  Austria SSG 69 Used by KOPASKA.
AWM L115A3 sniper rifle.jpg .300 Winchester Magnum
.338 Lapua Magnum
Sniper rifle  United Kingdom AWM Used by KOPASKA.
AW Accuracy International AW.png 7.62×51mm NATO Sniper rifle  United Kingdom AW
PSG1 MSG 90 rifle museum 2014.jpg 7.62×51mm NATO Sniper rifle  Germany MSG90 Used by KOPASKA.
Machine guns
M60 M60GPMG.jpeg 7.62×51mm NATO General-purpose machine gun United States unknown Standard issued.[125]
MAG FN MAG.jpg 7.62×51mm NATO General-purpose machine gun  Belgium
SPM2 GPMG Standard issued. Also used by KOPASKA. Locally produced as the Pindad SPM2 GPMG
Minimi FN MINIMI Standard Right.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Light machine gun  Belgium
SM2 Standard issued. Locally produced as the Pindad SM2
Ultimax 100 Section Automatic Weapon.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Light machine gun  Singapore Mark 1
Mark 2
Used by Taifib.[126]
K3 Daewoo K3 SAW.jpg 5.56×45mm NATO Light machine gun  South Korea K3 Used by KOPASKA.
PK 7.62x54mm General-purpose machine gun  Soviet Union PKT Serbian made PKT. Used on BVP-2 as Coaxial MG, and on Ukrainian made BTR-50PK.[127]
M2 M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée.jpg .50 BMG Heavy machine gun  United States M2HB
Locally produced by Pindad as SMB-2.
DShK 150px 12.7×108mm Heavy machine gun  Soviet Union DShKM Some used on ships.
Grenade-based weapon
M203 PEO M203A2 Grenade Launcher.jpg 40×46mm grenade Grenade launcher United States
Fitted on M16 and SS1 & SS2 rifles. Locally produced as the Pindad SPG1
AG36 Latvian G36KV.JPEG 40×46mm grenade Grenade launcher  Germany AG36 Fitted on HK G36. Used by Denjaka.[128]
RPG-7 RPG-7V1 grenade launcher - RaceofHeroes-part2-22.jpg 40mm HEAT Rocket-propelled grenade launcher  USSR ATGL-L Used by the marine corps. Saw service during the Insurgency in Aceh[129] Bulgarian-made ATGL-L.
Milkor MGL M-32 Grenade Launcher.jpg 40×46mm grenade Grenade launcher  South Africa M32 MGL Used by KOPASKA.
GP-25 40mm Grenade launcher  Soviet Union GP-25
Used by Taifib.

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