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Enzo Grossi (20 April 1908 in San Epigma, Brazil and died 11 August 1960 in Argentina; was an officer in the Regia Marina (Italian Navy) during World War II.

During World War II he commanded the U-Boote Medusa and Barbarigo. He claimed that on May 20, 1942 he attacked and sank a Maryland-class USN battleship. He also believed that he surface attacked and sank a Mississippi-class USN battleship on October 6, 1942. Both of these attacks were proved to be unsuccessful and Mussolini's order to promote Grossi to Capitano di Fregata and the prestigious award of Medaglia d'oro al valor militare was premature. (Luigi Rizzo, a World War I naval hero was honred with the same highly prestigious award, who sank the Austro-Hungarian battleship Szent Istvan).[1]

After the war it was declared that he was not entitled to the honors and he was demoted to the infantry private rank. One of the ships at which he had fired in vain was the corvette Petunia.[2] Italian Naval researchers carefully researched Grossi's claims and came to conclusions how the failed attacks might have occurred and left Grossi in the belief that he successfully attacked and sank the major battleships.



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