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Enrico Millo (February 12, 1865 - June 14, 1930) was an Italian admiral and politician. As a military commander, he led the raid against the Turkish navy in the Dardanelles.[1]


Born in Chiavari, Province of Genoa, in 1884 he was named guardiamarina in 1884. He participated as navy officer in the campaigns of Italy in the Horn of Africa and with the rank of Capitano di Vascello he led the raid of 5 Italians torpedo boats against the Turkish fleet on 18 July 1912 during Italo-Turkish War. After the expedition, Millo was named senator by king Victor Emanuel III senator; later he was minister for the navy in the fourth government cabinet headed by Giolitti and in the first headed by Antonio Salandra. During World War I he held some command post in the Italian navy. After World War I he was named governor of the Dalmatia. From 1923 to 1925 he held managerial position in the company that owned the harbour of Napoli. He died in Rome in 1930.


A submarine in the Cagni class was entitled to him during World War II.


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