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Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare Specialist

Santa Rita, Guam (Dec. 15, 2006)- Rear Adm. Donald Bullard, Commander, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), displays the Expeditionary Warfare pin, the Navy’s new warfare device, given to Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Carl Hurtt, assigned to Mobile Security Squadron Seven (MSS-7), during a ceremony on board U.S. Naval Base Guam. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Edward N. Vasquez (RELEASED).

The EXW qualification (referred to as Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare Specialist) is a warfare qualification awarded to enlisted United States Navy personnel, and select United States Coast Guard personnel temporarily assigned to the U.S. Navy, who satisfactorily complete the required qualification course and pass a qualification board hearing. The program was approved July 31, 2006 by then-Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Mullen.

The qualification was developed to provide a chance for enlisted sailors in the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command community (naval personnel serving in a maritime security or maritime combat related role) to earn a warfare qualification. Core qualification skills will include weapons qualification and maintenance, marksmanship, land navigation, field communications, and expeditionary camp deployment. The very first awardee was Master-at-Arms 2nd Class (EXW/SW) Carl P. Hurt Jr of Mobile Security Squadron Seven based out of Guam.

There are currently no plans to offer an officer version of the qualification.

Types of Expeditionary Warfare Specialist Qualification Platforms[]

Naval Special Warfare Groups, Naval Special Warfare Units; SEAL Teams; Security Squadrons

Breast insignia[]

The design of the new pin encompasses the essence of enlisted expeditionary Sailors, presenting the bow and superstructure of a Sea Ark 34' patrol boat from Inshore Boat Units superimposed upon a crossed cutlass and M16A1 rifle. The waves represent the Navy's heritage, the cutlass represents the enlisted force, the M16A1 represents an NECC mission area and the boat, another NECC mission area. The background is the traditional waves of the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist badge.

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