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Elistanzhi bombing
Location Elistanzhi, Chechnya
Date October 7, 1999
Target Demilitarized village
Attack type
Cluster bombing
Deaths At least 34
Non-fatal injuries
At least 20
Perpetrators Russian Air Force

Elistanzhi cluster bomb attack occurred on October 7, 1999, in Chechnya, when two Russian Sukhoi Su-24 fighter bombers dropped several cluster bombs on the apparently undefended mountain village of Elistanzhi. The bombing killed at least 34 (48 according to some reports) and injured some 20 to over 100 people in the small village, mostly women and children; at least nine children were reportedly killed when one bomb hit the local school. Witnesses and victims stated that there were no military objectives in the village prior to or at the time of the attack. Representatives of the Russian human rights group Memorial visited Elistanzhi shortly after the bombing and found no evidence of any Chechen separatist military presence in the village.[1]


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