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Educational & Training Services
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Founded 1846 as the Corps of Army Schoolmasters
Country United Kingdom Great Britain
Branch Flag of the British Army.svg British Army
HQ Directorate ETS (Army), Upavon, Wiltshire
Motto(s) 'Amino Et Fide' Courage and Faith
March Gaudeamus Igitur ("Let us rejoice")
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The Educational and Training Services form part of the Adjutant General's Corps and have done since 1992 when this Corps of the British Army was formed. Their remit is to continue the general education of soldiers and officers alike, as well as the actual military training of the soldiers of the Army.

In 1992 the Royal Army Educational Corps was disbanded and its Officers transferred into the newly formed Educational and Training Services Branch of the Adjutant General's Corps. It no longer had its own cap badge, or organisation, as enjoyed by the Military Provost Staff Corps, which also forms part of the AGC, until May 2007 when the Branch adopted its new capbadge generally very similar to the old RAEC cap badge but with a change in lettering. Under its current Director, Brigadier David Wilson (appointed 2007), it is in the process of adopting a new posture of "Educate Forward" which could lead to a substantial change in the distribution and number of Army Education Centres (AEC) in line with the Army's FAS (Future Army Structures)

The ETS is nearly all made up of Officers, but has recently allowed SNCOs and WOs to join as Learning Development Instructors (LDI). All ETS Officers are required to complete either the Direct Entrant (44 week) commissioning course or the Late Entry Officer Course (LEOC). Officers wishing to join the ETS also need a degree at honours level. This is due to the requirement for all ETS Officers to gain a professional teaching qualification during their first assignment. After Sandhurst all ETS Commissioned Officers and LDIs attend their Phase 2 training at the Army School of Education this is called the Branch Training (BT) Course and lasts 10 weeks. Once Officers have completed their BT Course they move to their first assignment which is usually either an Army Education Centre or the Army Foundation College.


The Educational and Training Services Branch is a member of the International Association for Military Pedagogy (IAMP).

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