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Eduard Bona-Bunić (1894 – 2 October 1944 in Travnik), was a Croatian World War II soldier and member of the Bunić family, an old Austro-Hungarian noble family.

Bona Bunić served as pukovnik konjanički (colonel of cavalry) in the Croatian Home Guard.[1] From September 1943 he was in command of the II. konjanički sklop (II. Cavalry Group).[2] He later joined the Brzi zdrug (Mobile Brigade), and commanded the unit at the defense of Travnik.[3] Yugoslav Partisans took the town, resulting in Bona Bunić leading one last defense which resulted in his death on October 2, 1944.[4] He received the nickname Vitez Zrinski od Travnika (Knight Zrinski from Travnik), owing to his noble background.[4]

In 1943, Bona Bunić was decorated with the Military Order of the Iron Trefoil Fourth Class and the Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir Third Class.[1] He was posthumously promoted to general and awarded the Golden Ante Pavelić Medal for Bravery, which gave him the title of vitez (knight).[1]


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