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Edhem Pasha
Edhem Pasha
Birth name Edhem
Born 1851
Died 1909 (aged 57–58)
Place of birth Trabzon, Ottoman Empire
Place of death Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Allegiance Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Years of service c. 1868-1909
Rank Müşir (Field Marshal)
Commands held Thessalian Army
Battles/wars Siege of Plevna
Greco-Turkish War (1897)

Sword surrendered by Edhem Pasha after defeat by the Imperial Russia in the Siege of Plevna, 1877.

Edhem Pasha (1851–1909) was an Ottoman military commander.

Edhem Pasha was born in Trabzon in present-day Turkey. He was the deputy of Gazi Osman Pasha during the siege of Plevna in 1877. He was the leading commander of the Ottoman army that defeated the Greeks in Thessaly during the Greco-Turkish War (1897) (especially Battle of Dömeke/Domochos Turkish language: Dömeke Harbi). He captured Yenişehir (Larissa) and Tırhala (Trikala) again but European states intervened because of the danger that Turks again could capture the rest of Morea. As a result, The Greco Turkish War of 1897 resulted in a stalemate despite Turkish military victory.[citation needed] Edhem Pasha died in Constantinople (Istanbul).

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