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Echo Troop, 238th Cavalry is a troop in the 238th Cavalry Regiment that carries out reconnaissance missions to support the 76th Brigade Combat Team. The troop regimental crest displays the motto of the 238th Cavalty, "Deo Favente" which translates into "With God's Favor." Its call sign is "Saber." It currently has three platoons. "Cobra," "Shadow," and "Deathdealer" are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd platoons respectively.


Echo Troop has been in service since World War I, under various names. After World War II, E Troop was the 38th Infantry Division's 138th Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion. In 1959, the unit became the 2nd Reconnaissance Squadron in the 138th Armor. The unit became a Cavalry Regiment once again in March, 1963.

Echo Troop was given its current designation of Echo Troop, 238th Cavalry, on September 1, 1994. On February 21, 2002, E Troop deployed to Bosnia as part of Operation Joint Forge. On May 1, 2004, Echo Troop became part of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. E Troop was part of 1/151 Infantry in its Delta Company. Their mission was to train the Afghanistan National Army.

Echo Troop was part of Operation Vigilant Relief to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi. Echo Troop carried out security missions with Delta Company 1/293 Infantry. Echo Troop is now being reorganized, a process that will probably be complete by late 2007 or early 2008.


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