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Elswick 14 inch 45-calibre naval gun
Almirante Latorre forward guns.jpg
Forward guns of Almirante Latorre
Type Naval gun
Service history
Used by  United Kingdom
Wars World War I
Production history
Designer Elswick Ordnance Company
Barrel length Bore 52 ft 6 in (16.002 m) (45 cal)

Shell HE 1,586 lb (719.40 kg) 4 c.r.h. (later 1,400 lb (635.03 kg) 8 c.r.h.)
Calibre 14-inch (355.6 mm)
Elevation Naval: 0° - 20°
Railway: 0 - 40°
Muzzle velocity 2,450 ft/s (747 m/s) (1,586 lb shell);
2,600 ft/s (792 m/s) (1,400 lb shell)

The BL 14 inch 45 calibre gun were various similar naval guns designed and manufactured by Elswick Ordnance Company to equip ships that Armstrong-Whitworth built and/or armed for several countries before World War I.


When World War I began, Armstrong-Whitworth were building the battleship Almirante Latorre for Chile, armed with 10 of its 14-inch guns. The battleship was acquired by the British government and completed as HMS Canada and served in the Royal Navy in World War I, with its guns designated BL 14 inch Mk I.

After World War I the battleship was sold to Chile as Almirante Latorre as originally intended.

Railway guns

Elswick built several guns for Japan which went into British service as railway guns in World War I under the designation BL 14 inch Mk III. They were similar to but lighter than Mk I, and were modified to give similar performance as Mk I.

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