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EOC 10 inch 45-calibre naval gun
Type Naval gun
Service history
In service 1904 - 1940s
Used by  Italy
 United Kingdom
Wars World War I
Production history
Designer Elswick Ordnance Company
Barrel length Bore 37 ft 6 in (11.430 m) (45 cal)

Shell 500 pounds (226.8 kg)
Calibre 10-inch (254.0 mm)
Muzzle velocity UK : 2,625 ft/s (800 m/s)[1]
Italy: 850 m/s (2,800 ft/s)[2]
Maximum range UK : 18,850 yd (17,240 m)[3]
Italy : 25,000 m (27,000 yd)[4] @ 25°[5]

The EOC 10 inch 45 calibre gun were various similar 10-inch naval guns designed and manufactured by Elswick Ordnance Company to equip ships they built and/or armed for several countries before World War I.


UK service

Forward turret on HMS Swiftsure

Elswick supplied 5 of their 10-inch 45-calibre guns for use on the battleship Constitución that they were building for Chile. Britain took the ship over in 1903 as HMS Swiftsure, and the guns were designated BL 10 inch Mk VI in UK service. These guns fired a 500-pound (226.8 kg) projectile using 146 pounds 12 ounces (66.56 kg) cordite MD propellant.[6]

Italian service

Forward turret on Italian armoured cruiser Pisa 1932

Elswick supplied later more powerful 1907 models of its 10-inch 45-calibre guns for the Pisa-class and San Marco-class armoured cruisers of 1907 & 1908.[7]

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