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Country of origin Israel
Type Solid-state active electronically scanned array (AESA)
Azimuth 200°
Power ~10 kw peak

The Elta 2052 is an advanced airborne active electronically scanned array fire control radar for fighter aircraft. It is suitable for F-15, MiG-29, Mirage 2000 and LCA Tejas. The EL/M-2052 is an advanced Airborne Fire Control Radar (FCR) designed for air superiority and advanced strike missions.

The FCR is based on fully solid-state active phased array technology. This new technology enables the radar to achieve a longer detection range, high mission reliability and a multi-target tracking capability of up to 64 targets.[1] The EL/M-2052 radar incorporates operational feedback from Israeli Air Force combat pilots.[citation needed]

The radar introduces improvements to the air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-sea operation modes of the aircraft. In the air-to-air mode, the radar enables a very long-range multi-target detection and enables several simultaneous weapon deliveries in combat engagements.[2]

In air-to-ground missions, the radar provides very high resolution mapping (SAR), surface moving target detection and tracking over RBM, DBS and SAR maps in addition to A/G ranging. In Air-to-Sea missions the radar provides long-range target detection and tracking, including target classification capabilities (RS, ISAR).[3]


A Chinese company, NAV Technologies in Beijing has marketed a radar similar to the 2052. It is said to have caused an investigation in Washington for a connection between Israel and Beijing. Elta denies this. No further news on this radar has been heard.[4]


  • Full solid-state (electronics) radar
  • High MTBCF(redundancy)
  • High ECM immunity
  • Extended detection rages
  • Multi Target Tracking (64 targets)
  • Simultaneous modes of operation[citation needed]


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