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eCybermission is a U.S. Army-run online educational science fair for students in grades 6-9 in the United States or at US Army schools across the world.[1] The contest in conducted entirely online—groups of 3-4 students submit "Mission Folders", which contain detailed information about their projects following either the Scientific Method or the Engineering Design Process.

The competition selects winners on state, regional, and finally national levels for each grade level. All regional winners receive a one-week trip to the Washington, DC area to attend the National Judging and Educational Event (NJ&EE) and compete for up to $8,000 (USD) in prizes.[2] The NJ&EE event includes many opportunities to meet others, physical training, various workshops and panels, as well as the Stem Tech Expo, which is a day of visiting different booths for different sectors of RDECOM, the department of the Army that oversees the events.


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