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The E96 cluster bomb was an American anti-personnel biological cluster bomb developed in 1950.


A February 24, 1950 report prepared by William M. Creasy, a colonel in the Army Chemical Corps' Research and Engineering Division, characterized the E96 cluster bomb as in the final stages of development.[1] According to Creasy's report, at the time the U.S. had no other biological weapon systems ready for use in battle.[1]


The E96 cluster bomb was a 227 kilograms (500 lb) biological weapon designed to deliver an anti-personnel or anti-animal biological agent.[1] It consisted of 104 E48 sub-munitions, each one weighing 2 kilograms (4 lb).[1] The sub-munitions were clustered into an E38 cluster adapter and when used, would be dropped from 11,000 metres (35,000 ft) generating an aerosol cloud in the shape of an ellipse.[1]


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