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Dronagiri Fort
Raigad district, Maharashtra
Fort seen from Uran square
Type Hill fort
Coordinates Latitude: 18.8669506
Longitude: 72.9359257
Built Unknown
Demolished 1818
Government of India
Open to
the public


This fort is situated on the top of the hill which is close to Uran in Raigad district.This fort is accessible in all seasons. The trek to this fort is simple and safe. Being close to Uran and Karanja this fort was strategic importance since old times.The entire hill is densely covered with forest.

The main gate fort

Bastion fort


This fort was under the rule of Yadav of Devgiri.In 1530 this fort was repaired by the Portuguese. In 1535 the father Antono-de-porto constructed three churches Nosa senhora, N.S.Da Penha and Sam Francisco.In 16th century this fort was capatured by Adilshah and was in his control for some period. Finally it passed to the hand of British. On 10 March 1739 this fort was captured by Manaji Angre along with the Uran fort.

Places to see

The ruins of the fortification are seen on the fort. There is a church Nossa Senhora da Penha in good condition, but without any idol or inscription. There are two water tanks "Gagoni and Gijoni" near the church.This church is in the inner fortification. The main gate to the fort is situated on the south of the church 50 mts away. The arch of the gate is broken, yet the gurads rooms are in good condition. The Ganpati carved on the key stone is placed in one of the guard room.From the main gate a path way leads south to the Village Karanja. In between a Vetal mandir in ruined state is located. The pathway starting from the back of the Vetal mandie leads to large water tank in good condition situated among the forest.The ONGC plant is well overlooked from the fort, however photography of the plant is not allowed.

How to reach

The path to the Dronagiri fort starts from the Uran Bus stand. The narrow road in front of the Bus stand leads to Daur Nagar. After passing through the tribal hutments in Daur nagar a lone path leads to the fort. The path is a gradually climbing northern detour around the hill.The entire path passes through dense forest of Gliricidia sepium [1] or Mexican Lilac trees planted by Forest department.There is a Police Chowki near the Church on the fort. Night halt on the fort is restricted.


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