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The Don Front was a front (military formation) of the Soviet Union's Red Army during the Second World War. The name refers to Don River, Russia.

It was restructured from first Stalingrad Front on 30 September 1942; the reconstructed Southwestern Front was given the name Stalingrad Front on the same day. The Don Front took part in the Battle of Stalingrad from its positions between the Volga and the Don rivers. It was restructured into the Central Front on 15 February 1943.[1]


  • 1st Guards Army.
  • 21st Army.
  • 24th Army.
  • 63rd Army.
  • 66th Army.
  • 4th Tank Army.
  • 16th Air Army.
  • 57th Army.
  • 62nd Army.
  • 64th Army.



Chief of Staff

Members of the military council

  • General Alexei Sergeevich Zheltov (September–October 1942).
  • General Alexei Ilarionovich Kirichenko (October–November 1942).
  • General Konstantin Telegin (December 1942 to disbanding).[2]


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