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Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Ko KG is a German arms manufacturer and a subsidiary of the Diehl Stiftung GmbH with headquarters in Überlingen. Diehl BGT Defence produces mainly missiles and ammunition.

The company was founded in 2004 as result of the merger of Bodenseewerk Gerätetechnik GmbH and Diehl Munitionssysteme GmbH & Co. KG.

In 1960 Bodenseewerke Gerätetechnik became the prime contractor for the European production of the American Sidewinder AIM-9B air-to-air missile. Based on the experience with the Sidewinder, Diehl recently developed a progressive new seeker for a new type of short-range air-to-air missile - the IRIS-T. This missile has reportedly a far better combat performance than the Sidewinder.

IRIS-T is currently being adopted by the Luftwaffe and other European air forces. Diehl plans to deliver 4,000 IRIS-T missiles by 2011.

Diehl Aerospace GmbH, a subsidiary of Diehl BGT Defence, produces avionic systems for aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus and the Eurofighter GmbH.

Today Diehl BGT Defence has approx. 1,800 employees and Diehl Aerospace has approx. 1,200 employees. Diehl Stiftung GmbH has approx. 11,000 employees.

Diehl BGT Defence had also been severely criticized in the past for the production of cluster bombs and land mines.


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