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Deutsche Werke AG
Industry Shipbuilding
Fate Dismantled after World War II
Founded 1925
Defunct 1945
Headquarters Berlin, Germany

Deutsche Werke was a German shipbuilding company founded in 1925 when Kaiserliche Werft Kiel and other shipyards were merged. It came as a result of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I that forced the German defence industry to shrink. The company was owned by the government of the Weimar Republic and its headquarters was in Berlin.

Deutsche Werke started building merchant ships but when the Nazi Party gained power in 1933 the production was changed to naval ships. Besides shipbuilding Deutsche Werke also produced firearms. Especially known are the so-called Ortgies pistols which were particular popular in the United States. The pistols were developed by Heinrich Ortgies. See link for details:

During WWII the company expanded to Gdynia, establishing Deutsche Werke Gotenhafen.

Deutsche Werke facilities and infrastructure were destroyed during World War II by bombing raids. What little that remained was dismantled once the war ended.

In 1955 the shipyard areas were bought by Howaldtswerke.

Ships built at Deutsche Werke Kiel (selection)

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