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Destroyer War Badge
Destroyer War Badge.jpg
1957 version
Awarded by Nazi Germany
Type Badge
Eligibility Military personnel
Campaign World War II
Established 4 June 1940

Destroyer War Badge (German language: Zerstörerkriegsabzeichen) is a German military decoration instituted on June 4, 1940 by admiral Erich Raeder and awarded to officers and crew for the service on Kriegsmarine destroyers (worn on the lower part of the left breast pocket of the naval service tunic, underneath the 1st class Iron Cross if awarded, or equivalent grade award). Required qualifications prior to October 10, 1940 included participation in the battles of Narvik, after — wound, participation in three enemy engagements or at least in 12 non-enemy sorties, ship sinking in action, outstanding performance or other heroic deeds. A cloth version of the Badge was issued for wear on the dark blue uniform. The Badge was also awarded to the crews of Kriegsmarine torpedo boats and fast attack craft until the institution of the Fast Attack Craft War Badge.

In all, about 6,000 Destroyer War Badges were awarded during the Second World War. A handful of Destroyer War Badges with diamonds were also manufactured but there were no bestowals of the diamond upgrade to any Kriegsmarine member. Records indicate that the Destroyer War Badge with diamonds was to be a highly selective award and presented to only the most successful destroyer captains at the conclusion of World War II.

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