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Democratic Karen Benevolent Army
Commander in Chief Bo Nat Khann Mway
(Saw Lah Pwe)
Founded August 2010 (August 2010)
Headquarters Sonesee Myaing, Myawaddy Township
Political wing Klo Htoo Baw
Membership 1,500+
Ideology Karen interests
Party flag
Flag of DKBA-5.png
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The Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (Burmese language: ဒီမိုကရက်တစ်ကရင်အကျိုးပြုတပ်မတော်), also known as DKBA-5 and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army - Brigade 5, is an armed insurgent group in Myanmar. The group is led by Bo Nat Khann Mway, also known as Saw Lah Pwe, and split from the original Democratic Karen Buddhist Army in 2010. The group is loosely affiliated with the Karen National Union.

During the 2010 general election, the DKBA-5 attacked government troops and security forces in Myawaddy Township, Kayin State.[1] The group signed a ceasefire agreement with the government on 3 November 2011, though they have not agreed to disarming, unlike their DKBA predecessors in 2010.[2]

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