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Defense PRO, Thiruvananthapuram
Organisation Overview

Defence PRO,Trivandrum

Abbreviation Defence Spokesperson,Trivandrum
Regional Name ഡിഫെൻസ് പി ആർഓ ,തിരുവനന്തപുരം, പ്രതിരോധ മന്ത്രാലയം , ഭാരത സർക്കാർ
Organisation status Regional Office,Kerala
Formed 5.July.1989
Country  India
Headquarters Directorate of Public Relations,Ministry Of Defence New Delhi, ([1])
Ministry Ministry of Defence ([2])
Legal personality Governmental: Government Of India
Functions & Duties Defence Spokesperson
Media Manager, Ministry Of Defence GoI

Public Relation Officer,Ministry Of Defence
Correspondent Sainik Samachar
Location Kochar Road, Jagathy, TrivandrumTemplate:8°29'47.0"N 76°57'51.7"E, , Defence PRO,Trivandrum
Other associated Organisations Public Relations Unit,Ministry Of Defence,Trivandrum
Head of the organisation Commanding Officer/PRO Defence/Spokesperson Defence
Contact number 0471 2332498
Head of the Organisation at New Delhi Principle Spokesperson, Ministry Of Defence /Additional Director General(ADG)
Current Principle Spokesperson Mrs. Rajashekharan, IDAS
Current Officiating ADG Shri.Nungsanglemba Ao,IIS

The Ministry of Defense Public Relations Unit (PRO) in Thiruvananthapuram is the official agency under the Ministry of Defense entrusted to communicate and disseminate information about various programs, policies and activities of the Armed Forces and other organisations of the Ministry of Defense. It has its headquarters at the Directorate Of Public Relations, Ministry of Defense, South Block, New Delhi.


Established under the Ministry of Defence,Public Relations unit(Defence), Thiruvananthapuram started functioning in the year 1989 at Belhaban Palace Kowdiar. Designated by MoD, the head of Public Relations Unit is the Defence PRO and the Official Spokesperson for all matters concerning Defence Services. He/She disseminate and facilitate information to Media agencies. Squadron Leader S Hariharan was the first Defence PRO of PRU (Defence) Thiruvananthapuram. From 31 Aug 2017 onwards Smt Dhanya Sanal K, IIS is in position of Defence PRO.

Office bearers since 1989

1.Squadron Leader S Hariharan

2.Shri P Rajendran, IIS

3.Commander Manoharan Nambiar (Offg)

4.Shri PN Krishna Pillai, IIS

5.Shri Prakash Magdum, IIS

6.Commander Roy Francis (Offg)

7.Shri Madhu R Sekhar, IIS

8.Commander Roy Francis (Offg)

9.Shri Suresh Sreedharan, IIS

10.Smt Dhanya Sanal K, IIS


  • Official website, Ministry of Defence,New Delhi
  • Official website, Indian Air Force,New Delhi
  • Official website, Sainik Samachar,New Delhi

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