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Decoration "For Beneficence"
Image of the decoration
Awarded by  Russian Federation
Type State Decoration
Eligibility Russian and foreign citizens
Awarded for For acts of charity and good deeds
Status Active
Established 3 May 2012[1]
First awarded 3 May 2012[2]
Total awarded 3 (As of May 2012)[2]
Next (higher) Cross of St. George[3]
Next (lower) Decoration For Impeccable Service[3]

The Decoration "For Beneficence" (Russian: Знак отличия «За благодеяние») is a decoration of Russia, established on 3 May 2012 by decree of President Dmitry Medvedev.[1]


The Decoration "For Beneficence" may be awarded for:[1]

  • Significant charity efforts to support children’s homes, nursing homes, orphanages, hospices or medical facilities in Russia;
  • Public works aimed at improving the level of morality and tolerance in society, promoting human values and human rights, and combating the spread of dangerous diseases and habits;
  • Contributions to the development of Russian science, culture, education or healthcare.
  • Assisting Non-governmental organizations or religious organisations with socially significant activities.
  • Efforts aimed at strengthening the institution of marriage and family.


The decoration is a round, silver-gilt medal 32 millimetres (1.3 in) in diameter with a raised rim on both sides. The obverse is colored with blue enamel. In the center is a golden image of a pelican, feeding its young. Surrounding the image is a gold oak wreath. The reverse bears the inscription "ЗА БЛАГОДЕЯНИЕ" ("FOR CHARITY") and the number of the award. The decoration is suspended from a 24 mm moire silk ribbon in blue with thin gold stripes at the edges. The gold stripes are 2 mm wide and 2 mm from the edges of the ribbon.[3]


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