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Daraa offensive
Part of the Syrian Civil War
Date3–6 October 2014
(3 days)
LocationDaraa Governorate, Syria

Rebel victory

  • Rebels capture al-Harrah town,[2] two villages,[3][4] three checkpoints,[3][4] Tell al-Harrah[5] and its radar base[6][7]
  • Army counter-attack on Deir al-Adas repelled[8]
Syria Free Syrian Army
Al-Nusra Front
Islamic Front

Syria Syrian Arab Republic

Supported by:

  • (alleged)  Russia[1]
Commanders and leaders
Captain Abu Aws[9] Brigadier-general Mahmud Abo Arraj
(commander of the Brigade 121)[10]
Brigadier-general Nazir Fuddah [6]
Units involved
Jaish al-Ababil[7]
Flag of the Islamic Front (Syria) (Black).svgAlwiya al-Furqan[9]
Flag of the Hazm Movement.svg Hazzm Movement[9]

Syrian Arab Army Flag.svg 7th Division[11]

Syrian Arab Army Flag.svg 9th Division
Syrian Arab Army Flag.svg 90th Brigade
Syrian Arab Army Flag.svg 15th Brigade
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
63+ rebels killed[12][13][14] 53+ Syrian soldiers killed[8][12]
26+ civilians killed[2][14]

The October Daraa offensive, code-named "wa al-Fajr wa Layali Asher"[15] ("By the Dawn and ten nights") was a military operation launched by Syrian rebels during the Syrian civil war in Daraa Governorate, in an attempt to take control of Al-Harra and Al-Sanamayn.[16] This operation came after the successful rebel offensive in Quneitra province, which resulted in the rebels seizing the Syrian side of the Golan and the capture of a number of towns, villages and hills in Quneitra and Daraa provinces.

Failed army attack and rebel offensive

On 3 October, 23 soldiers were reportedly killed after a failed attempt to regain control over Deir al Adas.[8] The next day, rebels announced the start of a military operation called "wa al-Fajr wa Layali Asher", which aimed to capture al-Harra town and its 1,075 meters high strategic hill and to besiege Army forces in Al-Sanamayn and its surrounding barracks.[15] That day, between 18 and 60 rebels were killed.[13][17]

On 5 October, at least 30 soldiers and 29 rebels were killed at Tell Al-Harrah and at its radar base.[12] The rebels captured the hill,[5] Azmerin village and the Oum El-Aaoussaj barrier in al-Harrah town. According to opposition sources, two army tanks were destroyed and one fighter jet was downed,[4] while rebels also managed to capture the Tell al-Ahmar and the security facilitity in the south of al-Harrah town and the al-jadeera checkpoint east of it.[18] The base on the hill contained a spy facility run by a Russian special unit.[1] The next day, rebels captured the village of Zimrin east of Al-Harrah town and two checkpoints nearby.[3] That day, 16 rebels (including two commanders) and six members of the same family were killed.[14]


On 10 October, the Syrian Army started bombing al-Harrah town from the air and with ground-to-ground missiles, killing 20 civilians.[2]

On 15 October, the Syrian brigadier-general “Mahmud Abo Arraj”, commander of the Brigade 121 affiliated to the Seventh Division, fled his home in Damascus to the Syrian- Jordanian border after hearing he will be on trial and executed on charge of high treason due to "handing over al-Harrah Hill". He is likely killed in Rif Dimashq, but his body is still missing.[10]

On 17 October, rebels announced the start of a new battle called “Ahlo al- Azem", which aims in the capture of the following Army checkpoints: Umm al-Mayazen al Tebeh, Al-Ma’esra checkpoint and Al-Kazeyyat checkpoint. These checkpoints are located along the Damascus- Jordan highway and are considered the biggest of their kind in the eastern area.[19] On 20 October, rebels captured the al-Jeser, al-Falahin gas station and al-Ma'sara checkpoints near Umm al-Mayazan after three days of fighting. Umm al-Mayazan village was captured by the rebels the next day after heavy fighting with pro-government troops, who withdrew from the village and reportedly inflicted heavy casualties on the rebels.[20] That same day, at least 8 civilians were killed after the Syrian Arab Air Force bombed the Nasib border town.[21]

On 23 October, rebels captured the Umm al-Mayathen checkpoint near Nasib border crossing.[22]


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