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Danylo Ilkovych Terpylo, one of the brightest examples of phenomenon of "village otamans", operated in Kyiv region

Terpylo Danylo Ilkovych widely known as Otaman Zelenyy (or Green) (16(28) December 1886 - end of November, 1919) - famous otaman (commander) of Ukrainian peasant insurrection movement on the territories of former territories of Russian Empire, modern Ukraine, first of all Kyiv region during the Civil War for Democracy of 1917–1923 years. One of the brightest examples of the phenomenon known as "village otamans". He and his people from time to time conflicted almost with all major military-political forces of that day Ukraine.


Zelenyy's troops committed numerous pogroms. Heifetz estimates that Zelenyy's troops killed about 2,000 people in 15 pogroms.[1]

Alias in historical science

His alias Green Otaman gave one of the names to the whole phenomenon of "village otamans" often used in soviet books about this period of history of region - "greens", in contrast to "reds" and "whites".[citation needed]


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