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Place of origin People's Republic of China
Service history
Used by Second Artillery Corps
Production history
Manufacturer China Academy of Launch Vehicle
Weight ~42,000 kilograms (93,000 lb)
Length ~15 metres (49 ft)
Diameter ~2.25 m (7 ft 5 in)

Warhead Nuclear 10 MIRVs (single 1 MT or MIRV with selectable 20, 90, 150, 250 kTs)

Engine Three-stage solid propellant
~12,000–14,000 kilometres (7,500–8,700 mi)
Speed Mach 25[1]
Inertial with COMPASS
Silo, road-mobile TEL

The Dongfeng-41 (DF-41, CSS-X-10) (Chinese: 东风-41; literally: "East Wind-41"), is a Chinese nuclear solid-fueled road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile. There are conflicting reports over whether the missile is in service yet.

It has a rumoured operational range of between 12,000 km[2] to 14,000 km,[3] depending on payload. This would make the DF-41 the world's longest ranged missile, surpassing the range of the US LGM-30 Minuteman which has a reported range of 13,000 km.[4] It is believed to have a top speed of Mach 25,[1] be capable of MIRV delivery (up to 10)[2] and can cover any position on the planet. The project started in the 1980s, and is now quite likely coupled with the JL-2 program. Military experts had expected that it could be unveiled at the 2009 National Parade.[5] However, rehearsals of the military parade did not feature this missile. It was anticipated that the DF-41 will be delivered to the Second Artillery around the year 2010.[2][6]

The DF-41 was reported to have had its first flight test on July 24, 2012.[7]

In April 2013, Taiwan's National Security Bureau head reported to the National Assembly that the DF-41 was still in development, and not yet deployed.[8]


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