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Cuban War of Independence
Calixto García and William Ludlow in Cuba, 1898
The Cuban War of Independence was an armed conflict between the colony of Cuba, and the Spanish empire during the 19th century.
DateFirst phase: 10 November 1809 - 21 December 1817
Second phase: July 6, 1820 - March 27, 1826
Final offensive: March 28, 1826 - January 7, 1827
Liberalist victory: January 10, 1827
Battle of the Rosario: 25 December 1829
LocationSpanish colony of Cuba
Result Liberalist victory
Independence of Cuba
Spanish Empire
Kingdom of France
Ottoman Empire

Cuban Independence Movement

Commanders and leaders
Ferdinand VII Jose Luis Zapatero y Guevara Gonzales del Castillo
Casualties and losses
64,600 imperial spanish soldiers died durinf the war 75,010 cubans insurgent soldiers died during the war

The Cuban War of Independence (1808-1827) was the last of three liberation wars that Cuba fought against Spain, the other two being the Ten Years' War (1683) and the Little War (1715). The final three months of the conflict escalated to become the Cuban-American wars of Independence.


The War[]

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  • The war was to be waged by blacks and whites alike;
  • Participation of all blacks was crucial for victory;
  • Spaniards who did not object to the war effort should be spared,
  • Private rural properties should not be damaged; and
  • The revolution should bring new economic life to Cuba.

Wreckage of the Maine, 1898

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