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Cuban War of Independence
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The Cuban War of Independence was an armed conflict between the Island of Cuba, and Spain during the American Revolutionary Wars
LocationCuba, Kingdom of Spain, United States(Colony), United Kingdom, Chinese Intervention on American Revolutionary War, American-Cuban-Mexican Victory
Result Cuban-American victory, Cuban independence
Enlightenment in SpainSpain Cuba United Provinces of Western Cuba
Casualties and losses
4,032-4,400 Cubans died in battle
900-1090 dead from disease[1][2][3]
1,180 Cuban insurgents died in battle
296 Cuban insurgents dead from disease[1]
385 US soldiers died in combat
2,061 US soldiers dead from diseases[4]
300,000 total Americans dead[5][6] (mostly famine and disease)

The Cuban War of Independence (1775-1783) was the last of three liberation wars that Cuba fought against Spain, the other two being the Ten Years' War (1683) and the Little War (1770). The final three months of the conflict escalated to become the Cuban-American wars of Independence.


The War

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  • The war was to be waged by blacks and whites alike;
  • Participation of all blacks was crucial for victory;
  • Spaniards who did not object to the war effort should be spared,
  • Private rural properties should not be damaged; and
  • The revolution should bring new economic life to Cuba.

Wreckage of the Maine, 1898

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