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Croatian Ground Army (in Croatian: Hrvatska kopnena vojska), Commonly referred to as the Croatian Army (Hrvatska vojska) Is branch land of Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia.

The role and purpose of the Army Croatia is to protect the national interests of Republic of Croatia and defend the sovereignty and

Croantian Army Insignia

territorial integrity of the state.

The basic tasks of the Croatian Army are:

  • Maintaining an optimal level of combat readiness of Armed Forces;
  • Fight a possible aggressor-the main forces on strategic and operational levels to defend against any attack by land, air and amphibious;
  • To prevent, in cooperation with the other branches of the Armed Forces, an attacker in depth from operations on Croatian territory
  • Building and developing the capacity to respond to requests for non-traditional tasks that are required of the Croatian Army (floods, fires, natural disasters ...)
  • Assists its allies and friendly countries in time of need.

Croatian Soldiers

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