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US Navy 050601-N-5328N-042 Personnel assigned the Center for Information Dominance (CID) at the Corry Station stand in formation during the 63rd anniversary of the Battle of Midway

Personnel standing in formation during the 63rd anniversary of the Battle of Midway at Corry Station in 2005

US Navy 100524-N-5328N-671 Cryptologic Technician (Technical) Seaman Antron Johnson-Gray checks the wet bulb globe temperature meter

Cryptologic technician checking the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

The Center for Information Dominance Corry Station, located in Myrtle Grove, Florida, is the home of the Navy's Center for Information Dominance or CID. Myrtle Grove is a western suburb in the Pensacola metropolitan area.

The original Corry Field, initially Kiwanis Field, had its beginning in 1923 in a remote area north of Pensacola, Florida, with relocation to its present site in 1928. The station honors Medal of Honor recipient LCDR William M. Corry, Jr., USN.

In its beginning, Corry Field was an active aviation training complex where advanced fighter plane techniques were taught. In 1943, the field was re-designated as Naval Auxiliary Air Station Corry Field, continuing to serve as a training center for aviators through World War II and during the Korean War, until its decommissioning as an active airfield in June 1958.

The site saw its metamorphosis from flight training to technical training in 1960, when the first class of communications technicians (later known as cryptologic technicians) arrived. Hangars were converted to classrooms and laboratories were stocked with communications training equipment. To reflect this change, the Chief of Naval Operations changed the name of Corry Field to Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC) Corry Station in 1973. NTTC Corry Station was among the first Navy technical schools to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This accreditation certified that the instruction offered at NTTC and students could receive college-level credit for completed courses.

In 2003, Naval Technical Training Center, Corry Station officially became the Center for Cryptology Corry Station, as part of the Chief of Naval Operations establishment of Navy Learning Centers in support of the Revolution in Training.

In 2005, Center for Cryptology Corry Station and the Center for Information Technology San Diego merged to become the Center for Information Dominance Corry Station.

As of 2007, the Center for Information Dominance Corry Station is home to itself, the parent command, as well as the learning site Center for Information Dominance Detachment Corry Station.

Assigned units and facilities[]

CID Corry Station houses five of the seven uniformed services of the United States, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Coast Guard. The following units are stationed at Corry:

CID Corry Station also hosts the CW03 Gary R. Schuetz Memorial Health Clinic at Corry Station, Naval Hospital Pensacola, and the main Navy Exchange and DECA commissary complex for both Corry Station and Naval Air Station Pensacola. The installation is also home to the Corry Station Chapel.

Leisure and recreation[]

Corry Station, while small in size, offers many recreational facilities open for use by anyone on base looking to relax. Facilities included are:

  • Auto Hobby Shop
  • Corry Bowling and Recreation Center, which offers a sixteen lane bowling center, fully stocked bar, snack bar, arcade and billiards room.
  • "Crosswinds" with twenty-two desktop computers open for Internet use, two big screen televisions and mini-theater, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles with games available for rental, snacks available for purchase, and billiards, all offered for no charge to servicemembers.
  • Liberty Program, which offers unaccompanied or single servicemembers the opportunity to go on various trips and outings, as well as the "DangerZone" Paintball Program that is available to all military personnel and their guests in Pensacola and surrounding areas.
  • Seasonal swimming pool
  • Wenzel Gym, which offers a regulation basketball/volleyball court area with bleachers to seat 300 people, three racquetball courts, a state-of-the-art Life Circuit Room using Life Fitness computerized resistance machines, an abdominal/ stretching room, a free-weight room, a selectorized fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment by BodyMaster, a cardiovascular room featuring Stairmaster, Concept II Rowers, regular and recumbent Lifecycles, Versa Climbers, a fully mirrored, multi-purpose room for aerobic classes, martial arts, and other class activities, plus separate saunas for men and women in the appropriate locker rooms.


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