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Conrado Yap-class patrol craft
US Navy 090421-N-0120A-005 The Armed Forces of the Philippines Navy patrol boat BRP Leopoldo Regis (PG-847) maneuvers into position at the head of a formation exercise.jpg
BRP Leopoldo Regis (PG 847), a Conrado Yap class patrol boat.
Class overview
Builders: Korea SB & Eng., Masan, and Korea Tacoma SY, Chinhae[1]
Operators: Philippine Navy
General characteristics
Class & type: Conrado Yap class
Type: Patrol Vessel
Displacement: 65.35 tons standard; 74.48 tons full load[1]
Length: 25.47 meters[1]
Beam: 5.4 meters[1]
Draught: 1.2 meters[1]
Propulsion: 2 × 2,600 bhp MTU 16V538 TD 90 diesels, 2 shafts;[1] 1 × Mitsubishi GDS 70MP auxiliary diesels,[1] 60 kW generator[1]
Speed: 38 knots maximum[1]
Range: 5.9 nautical miles[1]
Complement: 3 officers + 12 crews
Armor: Belted Steel

The Conrado Yap class is a series of ex-South Korean Haksaeng class patrol boats sold to the Philippine Navy on 1993.[2]

12 of these patrol boats were transferred to the Philippine Navy, and as of now, only 3 remain in service.


The Philippine Navy received 12 Fast Attack Craft Patrol vessels (also known as Schoolboy or Seahawk Class) from the Republic of Korea in 1993. The ships were sold to the Philippines for a token sum of $100 USD[2] each, part of growing relations between the 2 countries at the time. The initial condition of the vessels was unclear and they subsequently went through various refit programs.

When the vessels were actually commissioned varies from source to source. Many suggest that 10 of the 12 were commissioned on 19 June 1993, while other suggest the 8 were commissioned in June 1993 and 2 more in June 1994. Another source suggests that 6 were commissioned in 1995 and 6 more in 1998. In 1998 29 sets of spare parts for the Conrado Yap class were also reportedly delivered. Sources even disagree on whether the first vessel commissioned, the BRP Conrado Yap, had the hull number PG-840 or PG-841. All sources agree that PG-845 and PG-852 were utilized for spare parts. That the remaining ships had their armament reorganized and were likely subject to other minor changes and modifications likely led to the confusion. Ships in the Philippine Navy have historically been decommissioned, then later recommissioned out of necessity in different configurations in armament and other equipment.

BRP Conrado Yap (listed as PG-840), BRP Teodorico Dominado Jr. (PG-842), BRP Cosme Acosta (PG-843), BRP Nicanor Jimenez (PG-846), and BRP Leon Tadina (PG-848) were reportedly decommissioned on 7 June 2001.[2] Though decommissioned, these ships likely remain in storage either awaiting funds for refit or to be cannabalized for spare parts. Remaining ships were seen with variable armament (as with the Tomas Batillo Class, also acquired from the Republic of Korea), and had been refitted with additional electronic equipment such as satellite communication gear and stowage for external fuel drums to extend the vessel's range.

Ships in class

Name Pennant Current Status
BRP Conrado Yap PG-840 Decommissioned
BRP Teodorico Dominado Jr. PG-842 Decommissioned
BRP Cosme Acosta PG-843 Decommissioned
BRP Jose Artiaga PG-844 Decommissioned[3]
BRP Nicanor Jimenez PG-846 Decommissioned
BRP Leopoldo Regis PG-847 In Active Service
BRP Leon Tadina PG-848 Decommissioned
BRP Loreto Danipog PG-849 Decommissioned[4]
BRP Apollo Tiano PG-851 In Active Service
BRP Sulpicio Fernandez PG-853 In Active Service


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