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Conrad Schmidt (born 1969) is a social activist, filmmaker and writer living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada who is best known for his role in founding the Work Less Party of British Columbia and for creating the internationally known World Naked Bike Ride protest.


Schmidt was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1998 where he presently resides.

Community involvement

In 2003, Schmidt organised a protest in which 50 demonstrators from Artists Against War formed a peace sign with their naked bodies to protest against possible US action in Iraq.[1] Schmidt created the international clothing-optional World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in 2004.[2][3] In 2003 Schmidt was a coordinator for the Work Less Party of British Columbia, a political party which advocates a 32-hour work week and reduced consumerism.[4]

Media activities

Schmidt is the author of Workers of the World Relax: The Simple Economics of Less Industrial Work.[5] and Efficiency Shifting, as well as the director of the documentary, Five Ring Circus.

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