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The Horn of Africa.


  • Invasion of Ancient Egypt by the Kingdom of Kush and the Land of Punt, 17th century BC

Medieval and Early Modern

  • Ifat's conquest of shewa, c. 1285
  • Ethiopian-Adal War between the Ethiopian Empire and the Adal Sultanate, 1529-1559
  • Ajuuraan-Portuguese wars, throughout the 16th and 17th century
  • Gobroon-Bardera war, late 18th century
  • First Italo-Ethiopian War between the Kingdom of Italy and the Ethiopian Empire, 1895–1896

Early 20th Century

Post-World War II

See also

  • Political history of Eastern Africa (for ancient, medieval, and early modern conflicts)
  • History of Djibouti
  • History of Eritrea
  • History of Ethiopia
  • History of Somalia

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