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  • T-90A vs M1A2 Abrams. Which tank is better?


M1A2 Abrams


T-90A has a better armor than M1A2 Abrams. The M1A2 Abrams armor is 600 (780 mm) mm vs APFSDS, 800 mm (1,060 mm) vs HEAT, but the T-90A armor is steel-composite-reactive blend vs APFSDS: 700–800 (950mm)mm; vs HEAT: 780–1000  (1,600mm)mm.


The M1A2 Abrams uses an Honeywell AGT1500C multi fuel turbine engine with 1500 hp. The V-92S2 of the T-90A  engines made by Uralvagonzavod is much weaker, about 1000 hp.

Range and speed

The T-90A can be one of the main battle tank has a longest operational range, about 650–700 km, its much more than M1A2 Abrams which is only 426 km.T-90A's speed is a little bit better than M1A2 Abrams.M1A2 Abrams's on road speed is 56 km/h, off road - 40 km/h, while the T-90A's on road speed is 65 km/h and off road speed is 45 km/h.


The main armament of the M1A2 is the M256A1 120 mm smoothbore gun, designed by Rheinmetall AG of German with 42 rounds.M256A1's rate of fire is depend on the loader.M256A1's effective range is 4000m.The secondary armement is one 12.7mm M2HB heavy machine gun and two 7.62mm M240 .

The main armament of the T-90A is the 2A46 125 mm smoothbore gun with 43 rounds, which effective range is 5000m.The 2A46 is autoloader gun, so it can shoot 8 rounds/minute ,so it can be an advantage for T-90A.The secondary armement is one 12.7mm NSV heavy machine gun and one 7.62mm PKT.

Final Conclusion

The T-90A overpowers the M1A2 Abrams in speed, range and armor, but the M1A2 Abrams has a better engine. And the armament can be draw, because the T-90A main gun is autoloader and has an longer effective range than M1A2 Abrams, but the M1A2 Abrams secondary weapon carry a lot more than T-90A. (I smell Bias).

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