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Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments
Common Depot
Active 1933 - 1955
Disbanded July 1, 1955
Country  France
Allegiance Flag of legion.svgFrench Foreign Legion
Branch FranceFrench Army
Type Military Training
Garrison/HQ Sidi-bel-Abbes, Algeria

The Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments (DCRE), or Dépôt commun des régiments étrangers, was the primary training formation of the French Foreign Legion from 1933 to 1955.


The Communal Depot of the Foreign Legions was administratively attached to the 1st Foreign Regiment. The Communal Depot of the Foreign Regiments was loyal to Vichy France during the early stages of World War II under the command Colonel Fernand Barre. From April 1, 1941 to September 1, 1950, the commander of the DRCE assumed the function of the Inspector of the Foreign Legion, however after September 1, 1950 inspection duties were assumed by the Autonomous Group of the Foreign Legion (GALE) while the DRCE was renamed to the Communal Depot of the Foreign Legion (DCLE). For the next five years, DCLE handled administrative and personnel duties for the Foreign Legion until it was disbanded on July 1, 1955 and its duties were assumed by the 1st Foreign Regiment.


  • Headquarters Staff
  • Instruction Battalion
  • Transport Battalion
  • Four Training Depots
    • Depot at Arwez
    • Depot at Marseilles
    • Depot at Oran
    • Depot at Toul

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