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Commodore generally refers to Commodore (rank), a naval rank. It may also refer to:


  • Consolidated Aircraft Commodore, a flying boat used for passenger travel in the 1930s


  • Several species of brush-footed butterflies in the subfamily Limenitidinae, in particular A. danava


  • Hudson Commodore, an automobile produced in the 1940s and 1950s by Hudson Motor Car Company
  • Holden Commodore, an automobile produced by the Holden division of General Motors in Australia
  • Opel Commodore, an intermediate-sized car from Opel of Germany

Computers and software

  • Commodore International (also known as Commodore Business Machines), a computer company founded in 1954 and declared bankrupt in 1994, or several of its products and affiliates, including:
    • Commodore Amiga, a family of personal computers introduced to the market in 1985 after Commodore International purchased the original developers, Amiga Corporation
    • Commodore 64 (or C64 or C=64), an 8-bit home computer released by Commodore International in August 1982, the single best-selling personal computer model of all-time
    • Commodore 128 (or C128, CBM 128, or C=128), a home/personal computer introduced in January 1985, the last 8-bit machine commercially released by Commodore Business Machines
    • Commodore Plus/4, a home/personal computer featuring standard office software applications built-in, released in 1984
    • Commodore PET, Commodore's first full-featured computer, a home/personal computer first produced in 1977
    • Commodore VIC-20, an 8-bit home computer announced in 1980
    • Commodore Semiconductor Group, also known as MOS Technology, Inc., famous for its various designs for Commodore International's range of home computers
    • Commodore Gaming, a 2007 rebirth of Commodore International that manufactures gaming-oriented PCs
    • Commodore International Corporation, a Netherlands-based company that bought all the global rights, patents and assets to the Commodore brand in 2005


  • The Commodore, a Horatio Hornblower novel by C. S. Forester
  • book, a novel in the Aubrey–Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian
  • Commodore (Star Trek), a fictional Starfleet rank in Star Trek

Music and music venues

  • Commodore Ballroom, a nightclub and music venue in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Commodore Records, a jazz and swing music record label
  • The Commodores, a soul/funk band in the 1970s


  • "The Commodore", the nickname of American entrepreneur Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794–1877)
  • Mike Commodore (born 1979), a Canadian ice hockey defenseman who plays for the Tampa Bay Lightning in the United States.


  • Commodore, Pennsylvania, an unincorporated village in Pennsylvania in the United States
  • Commodore Island, an island in Hudson Bay in the territory of Nunavut in Canada


  • Air Commodore, a rank in the Royal Air Force and other Commonwealth air forces
  • Commodore (yacht club), an officer of a yacht club
  • Commodore (Sea Scouts), a position in the Boy Scouts of America's Sea Scout program
  • Convoy commodore, a civilian in charge of a shipping convoy during the Second World War


  • Commodore (shipwreck), a steamer lost to a maritime disaster in 1897 that occurred off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida, of which American novelist Stephen Crane was a surviving passenger
  • USS Commodore, the name of various United States Navy ships

Sports mascots and team names

  • Commodore, the mascot of Vanderbilt University intercollegiate athletics teams

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