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Coordinates: 35°08′53″N 128°38′02″E / 35.148091°N 128.633766°E / 35.148091; 128.633766

Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae (hangul: 미해군 진해 함대 지원 부대;[1] hanja: 美海軍鎭海艦隊支援部隊), also known as CFAC, is a US Naval installation in the Jinhae district (진해구) of Changwon (창원), Republic of Korea. It is located near Busan.


Originally a U.S. Naval Advisory Group in 1946, CFAC eventually evolved into the first Fleet Detachment, Naval Station, JUSMAG-K and then reorganized as the Chinhae Facility in 1972. Since the 1972 reorganization and renaming to "Field Logistics Center, Chinhae." Subsequent reorganizations resulted in the current Commander, Fleet Activities, Chinhae with Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Detachment Chinhae as a tenant activity.[1]

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