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Comilla Cadet College
কুমিল্লা ক্যাডেট কলেজ
Comilla Cadet College-Academic Block-1.jpg
Knowledge is Light (জ্ঞানই আলো)
8 km southwest of Comilla

Established 1 July 1983
Opened 1984
Area 52 acres (21 ha)
Color(s) Sky blue
Demonym ComCadet
Houses 3

Comilla Cadet College is a military high school in Bangladesh.


Comilla Cadet College (CCC) was founded near Moinamoti Bouddha-bihar in Kotbari, Comilla on 1 July 1983. It was the most recent of the ten cadet colleges until the establishment of two girls' cadet colleges in Feni and Jaipurhat. Like the other five post-Bangladesh Liberation War cadet colleges, CCC was converted from a boarding school.[1] The campus was renovated within nine months by a panel of educators and military officials including founding principal Lt. Col. Nurul Anwar (now retired), Vice-Principal Ashraf Ali, Nurul Haque, Taslim Uddin(Nouka), Akhtar Alam, Humayun Kabir, Abdul Jabbar and Kamal Uddin Mohammad. The Adjutant General of the Bangladesh Army, Maj. Gen. Abdus Samad psc, opened CCC on 7 April 1984 with 150 cadets in three random groups. On 18 May a fourth group, and on 22 November a fifth, followed. The arrival of a sixth group late in the year met the enrollment goal of 300.

Despite its brief history, CCC is a notable institution for pre-university education in Bangladesh. A military preparatory school, many CCC graduates have joined the country’s armed forces; some have achieved accolades such as the Sword of Honor or Osmani Shornopodok at Bangladeshi military institutes. Academically, few other schools in the region are its peer; CCC cadets have secured more than 15 top positions in the national high school tests in a single year.


CCC is located in Kotbari, Comilla, about 8 km from the center of Comilla. A paved road connects the campus with town and points of interest in the vicinity. Most of the college’s land and buildings are surrounded by concrete walls with patrolled gates. CCC owns approximately 52 acres (21 ha) of land, including cadet dormitories known as "houses", staff quarters, academic buildings, a mosque, dining hall, storage facilities, a hospital, a fish pond, sports facilities and administrative offices. The campus is largely self-contained; however, seriously ill cadets are provided care at the nearby Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

Comilla is a major city in eastern Bangladesh, and is home to half a million people. It is known for its scenic beauty, rolling hills, tropical woods, sweet delicacies, high literacy rate and its military garrisons. CCC is located in the nearby suburb of Kotbari. Surrounding the campus are picnic areas, forests, the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), a World War II cemetery, and the Mainamati-Lalmai historical complex.

Mainamati-Lalmai was the center of a Buddhist civilization which flourished from the seventh to the twelfth centuries AD. As many as 50 archeological sites have been identified, which some have been excavated from a range of low hills known as the Mainamati-Lalmai Ridge. The excavations have archeological and cultural importance especially in the field of Buddhist studies. The area features a museum with a collection of historical artifacts found at the excavation sites. In addition to tours, the cadets can see the museum and the historic site from their dormitories.


The college's residential building is three-storied with cadets from each of the three houses on each floor. The dining hall is located on a hill, near the mosque and hospital. An H-shaped academy block hosts the classrooms, teachers' rooms and auditorium. It was designed by Adnan Islam, an employee of the Mitsubishi engineering department.


Comilla Cadet College has earned a reputation as one of the country's best educational institutions. Every year, the college achieves outstanding results in the SSC and HSC examinations.


House Named after Motto Symbol Colour
Titas House Titas River Character is Power (চরিত্রই শক্তি) Lion Green
Gomati House Gomati River Truth is Beauty (সত্যই সুন্দর) Eagle Red
Meghna House Meghna River Work is Life (কর্মই জীবন) Tiger Blue


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