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A combat information center (CIC), or action information center (AIC) is the tactical center of a warship, manned and equipped to collect, present, manage, evaluate and disseminate information for the use of the embarked flag officer, commanding officer, and control agencies. Some control, assistance, and coordination functions may be delegated to the CIC. On aircraft carriers this area is called the combat direction center (CDC).

Illustrations of CIC technology evolution

The following two photos of different CICs, 25 years apart, may to some degree exemplify the evolution of electronics/computer equipment and user interfaces used in such installations over that period of time. Modern CIC equipment is built up from many connected embedded systems.

CIC of the USS Spruance, 1975.


CIC of the USS Carl Vinson, 2001.


Layout of the Combat Information Center of early Aegis Cruisers.

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