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Entrance to CAHS' Heritage Hall, Wings Museum, Denver,CO

CAHS's Alexander Eaglerock 24,(NC2568), "Longwing" on display at Wings Museum, 2011

The Colorado Aviation Historical Society (CAHS) is located in Denver, Colorado and founded in 1966. CAHS home is at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. The Society acquires, restores, preserves and provides for public display, aircraft and other objects, documents, items and things of present or historical interest or value in connection with the development and history of aviation in the state of Colorado.[1] CAHS host many aviation events and participates in many of Colorado's air shows and fly-ins. The Society has regular membership meetings and publishes a quarterly history journal.

Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame[]

The CAHS honors the State's historic aviators and conducts the nomination process for the State's induction into the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is part of the Heritage Hall Exhibit Room located in the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. Exhibits are rotated periodically and depict such history as the Colorado Air National Guard, general aviation, women in aviation, timeline of aviation history, and Colorado civil and commercial aviation. The induction ceremony is held during CAHS's annual banquet.

Aviation Archaeology Program[]

CAHS' flagship program is the Aviation Archaeology (AvAr) Program.[2] The Program was designed in 2005 and its inaugural class was held in 2006. The rudiments of aviation archaeology training subjects include prelimenary project research of accident reports, federal/state laws, simple orienteering, site documentation and investigation. Graduate Field Agents visits aircraft crash sites, old missiles facilities, former aircraft manufacturing facilities, abandon airfields and airstrips. There are over 800 military aircraft crash sites in Colorado.

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