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Cobray Pocket Pal
Type Multiple barrel revolver
Production history
Manufacturer Cobray Company
Cartridge .22 LR
.380 ACP[1]
Barrels 2[1]
Action Double action, striker fired[1]
Feed system 5-round cylinder (.22 LR)
3-round cylinder (.380 ACP)[1]
Sights Iron

The Cobray Pocket Pal was a unique revolver that featured the same break-action, layout, and hammer system of the Mossberg Brownie. Cobray combined this with a unique twin-barrel, dual-caliber system. Two "zig-zag" revolving cylinders were provided, one in .22 LR and the other in .380 ACP. The same hammer fired either the .22 caliber in the bottom barrel or the .380 in the top depending on which cylinder was installed.[2]


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