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Cobra Land Defence Pistol
Type Submachine gun
Service history
Used by Rhodesian farmers and landowners
Wars Rhodesian Bush War
Production history
Designer Lacoste Engineering, Kommando Arms.
Unit cost $500
Produced Circa 1965-1979
Weight 4bl.
Length 5'in
Diameter 1'in

Cartridge 9x19mm Parabellum
Caliber 9mm
Action Blowback
Rate of fire Semi-automatic fire
Feed system Uzi type box magazines
Sights Iron

The Cobra Submachine Gun is a 9mm folding-stocked semi-automatic machine pistol of Rhodesian origin manufactured during the Rhodesian Bush War era. The weapon looks like a mix of the Ingram MAC-11's receiver; the Uzi's pistol grip, forend, and folding stock; and a shortened version of the L2 Sterling Machine Carbine's shrouded barrel. It was intended as a 'Land Defence Pistol' for white Rhodesian farmers.[1] Around 2,500[2] individual firearms were produced at some point between 1968 and 1979.[3]

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