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United States Coast Guard Station Golden Gate
Part of Sector San Francisco, District 11
Sausalito, California
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47-foot Motor Lifeboat moored in Horseshoe Bay at Coast Guard Station Golden Gate, near the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Type Coast Guard Station
Coordinates Latitude:
United States Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard Station Golden Gate is a U.S. Coast Guard station in Sausalito, California.[1][2] It falls under Coast Guard Sector San Francisco in the U.S.C.G.'s District Eleven.[3]

Station Golden Gate is a designated Coast Guard surf station, where surf conditions greater than 8 feet (2.4 m) occur 36 days or more per year;[4] as a surf station, it operates two 47-foot Motor Lifeboats and two 25-foot Response Boats - Small (RB-S).


Station Fort Point (2015)

A life-saving station was established in Golden Gate Park on June 20, 1877, which later became the first of five life-saving stations in the Twelfth District of the United States Life-Saving Service. The Golden Gate Park station was later supplemented by stations at Fort Point, Point Reyes, Point Bonita, and Ocean Beach. When the Life-Saving Service merged with the United States Revenue Cutter Service in 1914 to form the United States Coast Guard, the San Francisco and Marin-area stations were gradually consolidated at Fort Point as Coast Guard Station No. 323.[5]

In 1987, an agreement was reached to expand the scope of Station Fort Point, and its equipment and crews were relocated in 1990 to Fort Baker as Station Golden Gate on Horseshoe Bay. It is the busiest search and rescue station on the Pacific coast, averaging over 600 cases per year, with a geographic responsibility extending along the Pacific coast from Point Reyes to Point Ano Nuevo, including the Farallon Islands, and within San Francisco Bay from Bluff Point to Pier 39.[5]

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