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The Coast Guard Bicentennial Unit Commendation was a commemorative decoration of the United States Coast Guard which was awarded to all active, reserve, auxiliary, and civilian personnel of the Coast Guard for service between the dates of June 4, 1989 and August 4, 1990.[1]

The medal was issued only to those whose service up to the issuance date was honorable and it could be issued to members of other services who were assigned[2] to the Coast Guard and served in that period.

Wearing of the ribbon was stipulated to be placed after the Coast Guard "E" ribbon and before the Prisoner of War medal.[3]

One-time Medal

Established by Commandant of the Coast Guard Admiral J. William Kime on January 2, 1990,[4] the decoration was issued as a one-time award only that commemorated the founding of the U.S. Coast Guard in 1790, then known as the Revenue Cutter Service. The Coast Guard Bicentennial Unit Commendation was discontinued for issuance in September 1991, but Coast Guard regulations permit the continued wearing of the decoration on the uniforms of Coast Guard members who have earned it.


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