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Battle of Cienega Creek
Part of the Taos Revolt
Mexican-American War
United States cavalry and infantry, circa 1845.
DateJuly 9, 1847
LocationCienega Creek, Taos County, New Mexico
Result United States victory
United States United States Mexico Mexico
Commanders and leaders
Capt. Morin Unknown
31[1]:143 200[1]:143
Casualties and losses
5 killed
9 wounded[1]:143

The Cienega affair, or the Battle of Cienega Creek, was the last engagement of the Taos Revolt during the Mexican-American War. The battle occurred on July 9, 1847 and was fought between New Mexican insurgents, Pueblo natives and United States Army troops.


On July 9, 1847 a detachment of thirty-one men, belonging to Captain Morin's company of American infantry were stationed close to Cienega Creek about eighteen miles from Taos, New Mexico.[1]:143 On this early morning the Americans were attacked by two hundred New Mexican militia and their Pueblo allies.[1]:143 The ensuing battle resulted in an American retreat to the banks of Cienega Creek.[1]:143 They were able to hold their position until Captain Shepherd's company arrived, "vanquishing the enemy".[1]:143


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